Lucid Dream
Level Information
Difficulty Easy Easy
Stars 2Star
ID 2867632
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name The Beginning of Time
Play song None
Composer Dj-Nate
Song ID Unknown

Lucid Dream is a level created by (formerly Doge). It is not featured. Despite that, this is a level with very dazzling and intricate design and colors, therefore making it one of the most liked user levels in the game.


The level starts off with a cube sequence in which you have to jump over one-spike jumps in both Normal speed and Slow speed. Afterwards you will have to enter a hall-like area where you will have to jump to ascend the blocks. There is a section following that which has many gravity portals. You will have to hit every jump ring to pass.

Next, you will have to go through a double speed ship sequence, having to dodge spikes which resemble obstacles. Following is a basic ball sequence in which you will have to change gravity at a certain rate.

In the next section, you will have to jump onto rows of blocks. You will next go through a sequence similar to the beginning of the level. You will have to jump over more spikes, and go through more gravity portals.

After that is another double speed ship sequence, similar to the first one, but instead there is a new animation which looks like fireworks. Instead of the ball sequence, the player remains as a ship, needing to go up and down to dodge obstacles. The conclusion of that sequence also ends the level.


  • This level precedes Illusion, made by the same creator in-game but is claimed to be made by the creator of Lucid Dream's older brother.
  • There is a (supposedly intentional) bug within the level. While going through the first sequence of gravity portals, there's a chance you may miss one and fall to the floor. Upon that happening, the message "YOU NEED MORE SLEEP..." appears along with a "-_-" face, and you die by hitting a column of spikes.
  • This is the most liked level that hasn't gotten featured.


Geometry Dash Easy Stars -15 Lucid Dream

Geometry Dash Easy Stars -15 Lucid Dream

Credit to Levidia Nick for the video.