Master of the World
What a wonderful wooooorllld
Level Information
Creator Viprin (publisher) and Terron
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 6Star
ID 28360664
Last updated in 2.1
Level version 9
Song name TheFatRat & JJD - Prelude (VIP Edit)
Play song None
Composer ThisIsTheFatRat
Song ID 715770

Master of the World is a 2.1 Harder 6* collaboration level created by Viprin and Terron. It is Daily Level #30 and was one of the very first 2.1 levels.


The level starts at half-speed before quickly turning into a normal speed cube section. At 9%, the player transitions to a double-speed UFO segment. Following the UFO part is a ship sequence with similar obstacles. After a short triple-speed auto cube section during the lead-up to the drop, the name of the level appears. The gameplay at the drop is more fast-paced and has some frequent transitions. The speed does slow down at around 40% during a cube section before turning into a double-speed spider segment. Following some more fast-paced gameplay, the speed increases to triple-speed at 72%, causing even faster transitions and gameplay. At 84%, the speed slows down to half-speed for a short while during a cube section, and after some double-speed gameplay, the level ends.

User Coins

  • The first coin, like every other user coin in the level, is triggered by a key. The key to the first coin is at 30%. During a ship section shortly before it, the player must not hit a green jump orb, staying upside-down. At the cube portal, the player will fall upwards into a blue jump pad where the key is.
  • The second coin's key is at 40%. During a mini cube segment, the player must avoid three green orbs and fall down in between two obstacles where the key is. The player must jump out of the area to survive, as he/she will fall into a sawblade if not done so.
  • The third and final coin's key is at 68%. During a UFO segment, the player must go under a tight space between a saw blade and a spike where they obtain the key.

At the end of the level, coins will appear depending on the number of keys obtained.


  • The password for the level is 475112.
  • The level is Viprin's first 2.1 level.
  • The level is the first-ever Daily Level to be after Update 2.1's release.


"Master of The World" by Viprin & Terron - Geometry Dash 2

"Master of The World" by Viprin & Terron - Geometry Dash 2.1 - GuitarHeroStyles

Credits to GuitarHeroStyles.

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