Maze of Monsters
Level Information
Creator White Knife
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4Star
ID 4876949
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Maze Of Mayonnaise
Play song None
Composer Bossfight
Song ID Unknown

Maze of Monsters is a 1.9 Hard 4* level created by White Knife. It is a fan-made level of Update 2.0 and it recreated 2.0 objects with 1.9 objects, such as monsters and teleportation portals. The wave parts are less detailed without any 2.0-like items.

"Secret Coin" Locations

  • The first "coin" is located in the ship segment. To collect it, the player must simply do nothing when he/she enter the ship sequence, and he/she will travel through a small opening, which has a secret coin at the end.
  • The second "coin" is located in the wave segment. Instead of continuing through the level naturally, go downwards under a formation and collect the second coin.
  • The third "coin" is located in...


  • There was a long period of time where this level had feature/star potential, but wasn't either of those due to bugs. Instead, it was rated Harder with no stars/feature. Ludwig eventually updated it to remove bugs, and it became starred, featured, and changed from Harder to Hard.
  • This level gained popularity when it was posted on YouTube. This caused many users to copy its style by making 2.0-based levels as well.
  • Dimavikulov26 was accused of copying Ludwig with Winle Day, due to the same theme and the same song.


  • Before an update, during the cube segment, if the player had wrong timing when bouncing on blue jump rings, the play would bounce on two blue jump pads, but crash at the third as a result of thorns. This was fixed by replacing the blue jump pads with gravity portals.
  • Before an update, during the ball segment, the play could crash into a spike if the had wrong timing when jumping on a blue jump ring. This was fixed by replacing the spikes and thorns with a block formation.


Geometry Dash -1

Geometry Dash -1.9- - Maze of Monsters by IiILudwigIiI

This video shows the full gameplay of Maze of Monsters. Credits to Dash -1.9- - Maze of.