Mental Torture
Level Information
Creator SeveranceD (Demonism)
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 13306642
Song Robotic Nightmares
Composer Dj-Nate

Not to be confused with Extreme torture.

Mental Torture is a very hard demon created by SeveranceD (Formerly Demonism). It is inspired by Metallic Torment made by Minesap and Viprin.


Mental Torture is one of SeveranceD's few demon levels created, and probably the hardest of them. Mental Torture is extremely hard due to its unnoticed gravity portals, teleportation portals, invisible jump rings, and fakes.


Mental Torture start as a cube mode, exactly the same as those of Metallic Torment but was more harder. The cube mode requires extreme memory. The next game mode is a ship mode, where the moving blocks that resembles hazards have a sudden random movements, making the level extremely hard.

The next game mode is a somehow, moderately hard UFO mode, due to the invisible hazards and gravity portals, the UFO part is exactly the same as those of Metallic Torment's UFO part. After that, the same ship part will be next.

After that, a mini cube part where the background and ground turn into black, as the words: "Gimme that rhythm" will appear.

The speed will change and the most hardest parts will appear, the cube mode is extremely hard due to the fakes, trolls, and extreme memory required. There are some random sentences can be seen in that part.

The player is teleported to a UFO mode, while there are monsters firing fireballs at the player which is fairly hard but easier than the first UFO mode. This one isn't featured at Metallic Torment. Then after that, the level ends.


  • The level requires extreme memory as the level name says it all.


Memoria Extrema - Mental Torture by Demonism -Geometry Dash 2

Memoria Extrema - Mental Torture by Demonism -Geometry Dash 2.0-

Credits to SoulsTRK.