MindCap is a skilled Egyptian player and level creator in Geometry Dash. He is mainly known for hosting the 2.1 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration Gamma (currently ranked #11 on the Official Geometry Dash Demon List) and its official sequels Sigma and Omega (currently ranked #24 and #40 on the Demon List, respectively). He also hosted a dual-based Extreme Demon mega-collaboration named Celestial Force (which is currently #41 on the Demon List).


Unrated Levels

  • retoguitar

Demon Levels

Extreme Demons

  • Celestial Force (featured) - A mega-collaboration with GaidenHertuny, GeometryTom, MrLorenzo, JustBasic, EndLevel, Xyriak, Helpegasus, Jghost217, ElayaD, ManHeadRambo, Stormy97, InsanE03, HoshiKido, Zafkiel, and Wolfless. It was verified by Dagger[1] and rated within a week.
  • Gamma (featured) - A mega-collaboration with several famous creators like Lemons and Metalface221. It was verified by Sunix[2] and later reverified for a coin update by Technical.[3]
  • Omega (featured) - A mega-collaboration with several other creators. It is the sequel to Gamma and Sigma. It was verified by Technical on February 15, 2020.[4]
  • Sigma (featured) - A mega-collaboration sequel to Gamma. It was verified by Technical.[5]

Levels he participated in

Upcoming Levels

  • Antasmagorial - A mega-collaboration hosted by Ajedaboss.
  • Atomic Combat - His first solo level.
  • Celestial Force 2 - The official sequel to Celestial Force.
  • LIMBO - The hardest memory Demon. It is a memory-based mega-collaboration with several creators. It is currently set to be verified by Luqualizer.
  • Heliopolis - The only Top 150 level with no ships at all. It's Top 5 difficulty and is the only one independent of any refresh rate.

Canceled/Deleted Levels

  • Hinds style - A level meant to replicate Hinds's famous level building style.


  • He is friends with several famous creators such as Lemons, Pennutoh, and Lithifusion.
  • His real name is Omar.


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