The original Circles level, Nine Circles by Zobros

Nine Circles levels, or Nine Circles remakes are the most popular level trend to date. The levels tend to be recoloured remakes of Zobros' demon level of the same name, usually with varyiing difficulty. The vast majority of these levels are demons. Nine Circles levels generally use electro or dance music or music from the artist Nightkilla and/or many other composers. The signature epileptic wave part, alias "Circles" is the drop of the song. The Nine Circles wave is the most iconic part of the level and has flashing lights making it hard to see where the player is going. Sometimes, the lights are mixed with other game modes, like in The Realistic or Bausha Vortex. 


In January 2015, Zobros published the eponymous level Nine Circles, his first original level. This level left the Geometry Dash community stunned, and became very popular. In late February, the unknown (at that current time) player SuperPizzaLuigi, made a remake of this level, with purple colors and another Rukkus song of the same name: Fairydust. In late April, Softable and the well known ZenthicAlpha replicated respectively with The Realistic and Jawbreaker. Since this moment, the trend of Nine Circles levels had spread like wildfire, with dozens of this level in the next months, since May to August, made both from famous creators (Glittershroom, Dhafin, Andromeda and Minesap) and both from unknown creators, who became famous just creating a remake of Nine Circles (Crispy Dash, Artimiel, RedUniverse, N1XO). This trend declined with the 2.0 update since RobTop refused to give stars to other classical remakes of Nine Circles, except in very few cases. Then the creators experimented with new styles and the 2.0 generation of Nine Circles levels was born with levels like Retro Circles, Circulatum, AnotherCircles, and Ultimate Circles. Some people like Rulas and Rustam launched other trending styles like Ultra and XII Circles, which are even harder to replicate, especially the latter. In 2016, very few remakes got featured, and by this point in time, since even Zobros himself finds the trend overused, RobTop promised him any new Nine Circles level is likely to not get starred. However, Bausha Vortex, Nine CircleX, Despacito Circles, and Bakuretsu are a few exceptions.

Design and Gameplay

The design of a stereotypical Nine Circles level often consists of Tokyo blocks and Hexagon Force's blocks, saw-blades and design principles introduced in Blast Processing, Theory of Everything II background and a squared ground. In ship and ball parts, Tokyo Slopes are used. In the wave, the creator uses 1.4-styled slopes, colored saw-blades, and spikes, that flash concentrically together with the background. Usually, a Nine Circles level is usually made by these game modes (note that they don't always appear all at each level and their order may change, depending on the creator's preference).

  • First cube: This segment is usually in single speed, features spikes, gears, orbs, and some fake lines. It's sometimes somewhat easy to clear, with some arguable exceptions, such as Problematic.
  • Maze cube: This was first introduced in Fairydust and consists of many confusing blocks with troll rings, invisible spikes, and many fake lines.
  • Ship: This is usually in double speed and much harder than the cube and features spiked oblique columns, gears, and gravity portals. This part requires crucial timing.
  • Ball: Slightly easier than the ship, is made by Tokyo slopes, clusters of spikes, gears and rings. The speed chosen is usually double.
  • Transition cube: This is the easiest part of the level and is placed before the wave, or between two wave segments. It can be auto, partly auto, or with simple jumps. The speed is usually slow.
  • Epileptic wave: This is usually the hardest part of the level, made by tight spaces, many gravity, speed and size portals, fake lines, saw-blades, spikes, and dual routes. These parts require mashing and/or crucial timing. This is usually at triple speed but often speed is changed in different parts.
  • Epileptic ship: Introduced in Figures, is very clunky to control and requires straight flying and crucial timing. This part usually features gravity portals, rings, and spikes. It doesn't appear in all Nine Circles levels.
  • Epileptic cube: Introduced in The Realistic, is easier than the wave but tends to be buggy. The player must jump on "Circles slopes", avoid spikes and tap rings. This cube is typically found in that of the Ultra Series. These game modes are seldom going to involve epileptic UFO, ball or robot.
  • Final cube: Not always featured in a level. Moderately hard, loses its difficulty near the end. Typical of this part many fake lines and rings. In the end, the creator's signature and "GG" can usually be seen.

Each Nine Circles level sticks with one color scheme the majority of the time, although, on occasion, they have been shown to use multiple colors or be rainbow-colored.

Not all Nine Circles levels incorporate the same design. Some such as Blacklight or Nine Circles XII use different level designs but retain the same core gameplay.

List of Nine Circles Levels

The chronological list of all starred/featured Nine Circles levels. Note that Auto Circles, unrated Circles levels, and silent Nine Circles levels are not on the list. Also, any downgraded Nine Circles levels and each level that resembles Nine Circles effects without actually belonging to this category (e.g. Nightmare Realm II, Warhead) that are on the list will be removed.

Level Name Difficulty Creator(s) (verifier in parentheses) Soundtrack Color Scheme ID
Nine Circles Demon 10 Star Zobros Nine Circles by Rukkus Red 4284013
Fairydust Demon 10 Star SuperPizzaLuigi Fairydust by Rukkus Purple 5310094
The Realistic Medium Demon 10 Star Softable 211 by Rukkus Yellow 6664095
Figures Medium Demon 10 Star Glittershroom Figures by Rukkus Fuchsia 6892453
Jawbreaker Demon 10 Star ZenthicAlpha Jawbreaker by Rukkus Blue 6939821
Astronaut 13 Demon 10 Star Minesap Astronaut 13 (NK remix) by Rukkus Shadow Gray 6988264
Headrush Demon 10 Star ToxicGD +


Headrush by Rukkus Gray 6996731
Classic Insane Demon 10 Star CompleXx Classical by Rukkus Green 7002072
Silhouette Demon 10 Star Havok Figures by Rukkus Lime Green 7018102
Poltergeist Insane Demon 10 Star Andromeda Poltergeist (old mix) by Rukkus Gray 7054561
Problematic Easy Demon 10 Star Dhafin Problematic by Rukkus Green/Turquoise 7116121
Classical Demon 10 Star Hakkou Classical by Rukkus Gray (previously: Hot Pink) 7203561
Classical Demon 10 Star RayOriens Classical by Rukkus Turquoise 7294616
Evil Medium Demon 10 Star SrDeay +


Evil by Rukkus Turquoise 7614092
Fear Me Medium Demon 10 Star Crispy Dash Fear Me (NGADM entry) by Rukkus Sky Blue 7705437
Down Bass Extreme Demon 10 Star RealSpectra DEV-BassDownLow Remix by Rukkus Lime 8147005
Fractured Circles Medium Demon 10 Star Artimiel Fracture by Rukkus Bright Fuchsia 8418966
Sine Wavs Insane Demon 10 Star Dorami Sine Wavs by Rukkus Lime/Olive 8723596
Butterfly Effect Easy Demon 10 Star Linco My Future by viewtifulday Cyan/Turquoise 9608518
Golden Hope Demon 10 Star Terron Sourcream by AeronMusic (originally Holdin' On (Skrillex & Nero Remix) by Monsta) Golden 9682304
Crimson Clutter Insane Demon 10 Star RedUniverse Sweet Dreams by Rukkus Crimson 9700312
Space Circles Easy Demon 10 Star Suomi Spaceman by Rukkus Brown/Orange 9864147
Paracosm Circles Medium Demon 10 Star N1XO Paracosm by Xtrullor Lilac 10197026
Sharp Minor Insane Demon 10 Star ASonicMen +


Ill Sharp Minor by Rukkus Orange/Golden 10312917
Catastrophic Insane Demon 10 Star TheOne21 Problematic by Rukkus Green 10789222
Sweet Dreams Demon 10 Star Zeus9 Sweet Dreams by Rukkus Purple 10807587
Windy Circles Insane Demon 10 Star KeiAs Windfall by TheFatRat Rainbow/white 10890011
Solar Circles Medium Demon 10 Star D4rkGryf Solar Wind by Jumper Orange 10972106
Ultra Paracosm Easy Demon 10 Star Rulas Paracosm by Xtrullor Purple/Violet 11588490
Ultra Fairydust Medium Demon 10 Star IiIRulasIiI Fairydust by Rukkus Pink/Indigo 12073525
Crying Souls Insane Demon 10 Star Knobbelboy Cry by Xtrullor Green/Red 12423506
Ultra Circles Demon 10 Star IiIRulasIiI Nine Circles by Rukkus Red/Orange 12568393
Infinite Circles Easy Demon 10 Star Startor Infinite Power by TheFatRat Red/Orange 13037894
Infinite Circles v2 Extreme Demon 10 Star GMDomy Infinite Power by TheFatRat Red/Orange 13114485
The RealistiK Insane Demon 10 Star SeveranceD Cry by Xtrullor Gold 13501597
SuperNova Insane Demon 10 Star Motu Supernova by Xtrullor Cyan/Lime 13575944
Antique Circles Insane Demon 10 Star AncientAnubis Jawbreaker by Rukkus Brown/Amber 13641664
Nine Circles XII Medium Demon 10 Star IIRustamII Nine Circles (Xtrullor Remix) by Xtrullor Red 13703326
Ultimate Circles Easy Demon 10 Star Suomi Nine Circles (Xtrullor Remix) by Xtrullor Rainbow 13704546
Retro Circles Easy Demon 10 Star Nacho21 Nine Circles (Xtrullor Remix) by Xtrullor Retro (Black/Green) 14000484
Invisible Light Medium Demon 10 Star Nacho21 Blacklight by Rukkus Invisible (White/Gray) 14019412
Circulatum Demon 10 Star Ellixium (TheRealBayu) Nine Circles (Xtrullor Remix) by Xtrullor Red 14030404
AnotherCircles Medium Demon 10 Star Zyzyx Nine Circles (Xtrullor Remix) by Xtrullor Red 14309230
Quasar Demon 10 Star Allan Genesis by MafiaPineapple Electric Blue 14321727
Paracosm XII Demon 10 Star FaKob Paracosm by Xtrullor Violet 14960319
Blacklight Demon 10 Star Pan Blacklight by Rukkus Yellow and Black 17796070
Future Circles Insane Demon 10 Star KeiAs I Like Your Face by Xtrullor Multicolor 21306256
Trump Circles Easy Demon 10 Star RLOL + Axxorz + Moufi + Gibbon + Darwin + TiTi The Great Trump Wall by Steampianist Multicolor 26245696
Flat Major Insane Demon 10 Star EndLevel +JakeM2436 + Metalface221 Ill Sharp Minor by Rukkus Brown/Orange 26441161
Sonic Wave Extreme Demon 10 Star Cyclic (Sunix) Sonic Blaster by F-777 Dark Cyan 26681070
Bausha Vortex Extreme Demon 10 Star Pennutoh Fracture by Rukkus Multicolor 30380566
The Secret Box Insane Demon 10 Star Metalface221 Secret Box by Zanzlanz Multicolor 33405303
Pulsar Insane Demon 10 Star llAkarill + Zhander The Cosmos by MafiaPineapple Multicolor 36099108
Nine CircleX Insane Demon 10 Star Viprin +

Zobros + Rustam + MaxiS9

Nine Circles (Xtrullor Remix) by Xtrullor Orange/Red/Yellow 36522386
Power Insane Demon 10 Star ToxYc Headrush by Rukkus Blue/Dark Blue 36831819
Despacito Circles Demon 10 Star Terron +

Darwin + Kips

Ground Zero by Dex Arson Multicolor 39495014
Hyper Paracosm Extreme Demon 10 Star iIiViruziIi, EndLevel, and TheRealSneaky TruthOrDare by Rukkus ft. Jrounds Purple 42117203
Tengu Wind Medium Demon 10 Star Shemo Spirit of the Lilies by Lockyn Multicolor 47853491
Bakuretsu Medium Demon 10 Star Fairfax + RehanZ Milky Ways Redux by bossfightofficial Purple/Pink/White 48435217
Generic Wave Extreme Demon 10 Star Pennutoh and Enlex (Mullsy) Sonic Blaster by F-777 Light Blue 49576382
Auditory Breaker Extreme Demon 10 Star LazerBlitz and Manix648 (Gabs) Sonic Blaster by F-777 Blue and Black 51791710
Arctic Lights Extreme Demon 10 Star iIiViruziIi, EndLevel, and Metalface221 (Metalface221) Untitled Beat by Rukkus Pale Blue 52919433
Balengu Vortex Extreme Demon 10 Star Temp, ItsHybrid, and HJfod (Temp) Fracture by Rukkus Multicolor 55385816
Hue Effect Easy Demon 10 Star Zoroa GD My Future by viewtifulday Multicolor 57395071
Nine Paws Insane Demon 10 Star Maxyland, FurixGD, Irving Soluble, Abdula, DaxFan, DHaner, Subzell, Liepard, DubsC (Mr Spaghetti) DirtyPaws - Rukkus (Original Mix) Multicolor 57410372
Aquatic Auroras Extreme Demon 10 Star EndLevel, Electro, Lime (Aeden) Headrush by Rukkus Aquamarine 60740290
Astronaut 14 Demon 10 Star SirZaiss + Alfian10 (PrayogaGD) Astronaut 13 (NK Remix) by Rukkus Shadow Gray 60960827
Hateful Reflection Extreme Demon 10 Star GD Iris (Demented) Cry by Xtrullor Crimson 61132346
Broken Reality Medium Demon 10 Star Zerenity (AlphaneticGD) Supernova by Xtrullor Multicolor 62133870
Tenth Circle Extreme Demon 10 Star DeniPol (Dorami) I'll Never Marry You (DJ Koko Remix) by Arkady Ukupnik Multicolor 62592746


If 9 Circles was Lv1 Hard 4 Star Rockstr99 Nine Circles by Rukkus Red 6361170
If Fairydust was L1 Normal 3 Star MorpheiX Fairydust by Rukkus Purple 6877843
The Realistik v2 Insane 9 Star Irika 211 by Rukkus Red-Orange 6977311
Nine CaveS Insane 8 Star BIGMAC77 Nine Circles by Rukkus Multicolor 7083373
Dark Matter Insane 8 Star Semispace Dr Phonics - Firepower Red 8112546
Classical Insane 9 Star D4sh3r Classical by Rukkus Green/blue/gray 8331090
For The Taking Insane 8 Star DylChill616 For the Taking by Rukkus Purple 9315108
Rising Circles Insane 8 Star TrigoniX01 Uprise by Envy Purple 9803621
Dorabae-Basic 10 Insane 8 Star Dorabae Infiltration by ParagonX9 Multicolor 10125163
Eighto Circles Harder 7 Star Bamkii Eighto by Jomekka Hot Pink 10155484
Astronaut Circles Harder 7 Star Matt88 Astronaut 13 (NK remix) by Rukkus Red/Multicolor 11813101
Kirby Circle Harder 6 Star VegasKoneko Kirby Dubstep Remix | Colbreakz - Gourmet Race Purple 11816658
Friday Night Insane 9 Star Megaman9 Last Friday Night Rmx Wip by Rukkus Multicolor 11918033
Reality Insane 9 Star VeMi 211 by Rukkus Dark Cyan 11953778
HeartBreaker Insane 9 Star NukeNacho Eighto by Jomekka Pink 11958784
If Jawbreaker Was L1 Normal 3 Star Suomi Jawbreaker by Rukkus Blue 12300295
If Sonic Wave was L1 Insane 8 Star CrisPy Dash Sonic Blaster by F-777 Dark Cyan 12341888
Dubsteps Hard 5 Star SlashGH Infinite Power by TheFatRat Black 13073860
Fayrdust Insane 9 Star ZukulentoO Fairydust by Rukkus Purple 13433184
if infinite c was l1 Normal 3 Star Startor Infinite Power by TheFatRat Red/Orange 13524580
MLG Swag Circles Auto 1 Star JKM GD Holdin' On (Skrillex & Nero Remix) by Monsta Rainbow 13699667
Future Circles Insane 8 Star Milesman34 My Future by viewtifulday Sky Blue 14160096

Downgraded/Deleted Nine Circles Levels

This is the list of all downgraded and deleted Nine Circles remakes: (please note that impossible or remakes are still NOT included)

  • Planet Circles (xSolar and Chillius)
  • Astronaut 13 (Dzeser and CompleXx)
  • Jawbreaker v2 (Real Cookieszs)
  • Supernova Circles (Cyrillic)
  • Sonic Wave (Cyclic), Note that this is the original copy of Sonic Wave uploaded under Cyclic's account
  • Sharp (VeriFyed)
  • Evil (TeazChaos)
  • Figurative (lPianoMan)
  • Robotic Wave (D4rkGryf)
  • Hail Fire (jacksonv10)
  • Belly Circles (Flozo88)
  • Frozen Jawbreaker (TheRealSneaky)
  • Figurative (iPianoMan)
Level Name Creator Soundtrack Colour Scheme
Planet Circles xSolar+Chillius PlaneT Ten by Rukkus Gray
Jawbreaker v2 RealCookieszs Jawbreaker by Rukkus Blue
Supernova Circles Cyrillic Supernova by Xtrullor Indigo
Blacklight chipzz Blacklight by Rukkus Multicolour
Fairydust V2 ItzMika Fairydust by Rukkus Purple
Beautiful Eyes TGirl Nine Circles by Rukkus Black and Red

Complete Victors

Many believe that Riot became the first to fully complete the Nine Circles series in late 1.9, however, this is not true as he missed out Headrush.

On the 2nd of August 2017, JakeN2436 became the first-ever to ever complete the entire Nine Circles series. However, he missed out Dark Angels. Kevtom later became the second on the 18th of September 2017, after beating Nine CircleX.


  • Before 2.0, triple saws had an outline in the 3rd saw, which made it look like it had 4 saws. (If the OBJ had 1.00 opacity.)
    • This can still be done with advanced color combinations.
  • There are about 70 nine circle demons.
    • Out of all of them, 3 are rated epic. These three levels are all Insane Demons (Pulsar by IIIAkariIII, Nine CircleX by ViPriN, and Nine Paws by MaxyLAND)
  • Eighto Circles is the 14th hardest harder level.
  • Classical by D4sh3r is the 7th hardest insane level.
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