Noobas is a famous Russian player, level creator, a former hacker, and YouTuber in Geometry Dash. He is most famous for creating the hacked Extreme Demon Sakupen Hell.


Unrated Levels

  • easy challenge - An "easy" challenge level.
  • noobas adventures 2

Auto Levels

  • Automatic force (starred)
  • cd electro auto (starred)
  • monotri auto (featured)

Normal Levels

  • game planet (featured) - An 8-bit styled level.

Harder Levels

  • Ending of TimeShift (featured) - His first basic level.
  • neon doom (featured) - His first neon-themed level. It is his entry into Rek3dge's Creator Contest.
  • Super meat boy (starred) - A level inspired by Super Meat Boy.

Insane Levels

  • Echo (featured) - A collaboration with TriAxis.
  • ElectroInevitability (featured) - A collaboration with Smokes.
  • mayonnaise cave (featured)
  • noobageist (starred) - A remake of Polargeist named after himself.
  • silent hill (featured)
  • The Cursed Town (starred) - A collaboration with Zelda.

Demon Levels

Medium Demons

  • line land (featured)
  • noobaman adventures (featured) - A remake of Electroman Adventures named after himself.
  • noobatropolis (featured)
  • resident evil (starred) - A collaboration with MaJackO.
  • Theory of SkriLLex (starred) - His most famous level.
  • Valley of Dreams (featured)

Hard Demons

  • Cosmic Rage (featured)
  • crazy S M remake (starred)
  • Cry of Soul (featured)
  • ElectroMan II (featured)
  • Ember (featured) - A collaboration with Rek3dge.
  • funk world (featured)
  • insidious step (featured)
  • island of miracle (featured)
  • line land remake (featured) - A remake of Line Land.
  • noobas adv 3 unreal (featured)
  • noobas adventures (featured)
  • noobastep (featured) - A remake of Clubstep named after himself.
  • Roobas adventure (featured) - A collaboration with Rob Buck.
  • Severe winter (featured) - A collaboration with Real1004.
  • Sparks Fury (featured)

Canceled/Deleted Levels

  • Sakupen Hell - His most infamous level. He created and hack-verified it as a challenge for Riot and Cyclic. It was deleted by Noobas as he attempted to turn over a new leaf and start playing legitimately. It was eventually verified legitimately and published by TrusTa.


  • He has confessed in a video saying that he had hacked multiple Hard Demons, like Necropolis and Ice Carbon Diablo X.
  • He had removed a video of him crashing at 56% on Ice Carbon Diablo X due to the accusations of hacking, where he later confessed.
  • He has only one post on his profile, which says "iks de", meaning xD. He deleted all of his other posts.



Geometry Dash Youtubers - Skilled or Hackers ?

Geometry Dash Youtubers - Skilled or Hackers ?

The famous Noobas exposing video. Credits to TheMuteTroll.