Country Russia
Age 15
Levels 36 (34 Starred)
Other Info
Crew None
Position 2447 (Global)

47 (Creators)

YouTube Channel [1]

Noobas is a famous Russian player, level creator, hacker, and YouTuber in Geometry Dash.


  • Demon Levels
    • Theory of Skrillex
    • ElectroMan II
    • Resident Evil (collab with MaJackO)
    • Insidious Step
    • Ember (collab with Rek3dge)
    • Cosmic Rage
    • Sparks Fury
    • Cry of Soul
    • Line Land Remake
    • Noobastep
    • Severe Winter (collab with Zelda)
    • Valley of Dreams
    • Island of Miracle
    • Noobatropolis
    • Line Land
    • Funk World
    • Roobas Adventure
    • Noobas Adventures
    • Noobaman Adventures
    • Noobas Adv 3 Unreal
    • Crazy S M Remake
    • Sakupen Hell (verified and uploaded by TrusTa)
  • Normal Levels
    • Game Planet
    • Echo (collab with TriAxis)
    • Mayonnaise Cave
    • Super Meat Boy
    • Silent Hill
    • Neon Doom
    • Ending of TimeShift
    • The Cursed Town (collab with Zelda)
    • ElectroInevitability (collab with Smokes)
    • Noobageist
  • Auto Levels
    • Automatic Force
    • Monotri Auto
    • CD Electro Auto
  • Unrated Levels
    • Noobas Adventures 2
    • Easy Challenge


  • He has confessed in a video saying that he had hacked multiple hard demons, like Necropolis and Ice Carbon Diablo X.
  • He had removed a video of him crashing at 56% on Ice Carbon Diablo X due to the accusations of hacking, where he later admitted.
  • He has only one post on his profile, which says "iks de", meaning xD. He deleted all of his other posts.