Level Information
Creator Jeyzor
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 8Star
ID 12251114
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Serenity
Play song None
Composer Overdose (a.k.a. Shtriga)
Song ID Unknown

Nostalgia is a 1.9 Insane 8* level created by Jeyzor. This level is retro-styled, but there is a lot more action included into it. At many points throughout the level, the level appears to be "glitching", switching back and forth several frames at times, making it difficult.


The level starts with a cube section, all on the standard green retro background. However, red and blue colors have been added to the sides of the obstacles, as if in 3D. When the low detail mode below is not activated, there will also be a whole mass of vertical lines behind. This section has no glitching effects yet.

Next is a mini ship sequence with hallway passages, and the map appears to move back and forth at times, but smoothly. The player must be careful in maneuvering the ship.

Following is another cube, with an old television screen-like effect around it. This part has really unexpected and hard glitches: the frames change unexpectedly, repeat themselves, and at one instant even goes backwards.

Finally, a mini ball follows, and the mini ball is covered with a ball-like shape. At the same time, the background becomes a mass of triangular hazards, and the play area also shifts regularly, much like a retro game. This part also glitches occasionally.


  • Right at the start of the level there is a key with "Low Detail Mode" under it. When collected, it removes some effects of the level, presumably to make it easier to complete. The glitching effect, however, is not removed.
  • Jeyzor says that this is the v2 of his old level, Retro.


Geometry Dash - Nostalgia by Jeyzor

Geometry Dash - Nostalgia by Jeyzor

Credits to Jeyzor.