Npesta is an extremely skilled American player in Geometry Dash who is most known for verifying the legendary level Kenos, as well as some others, such as Deimos, WOW, and Altered Ascent. He is also known for being in "The Gang" with Technical, Gizbro, and Golden.


Npesta joined YouTube on June 26, 2017. On this day, he made a video of him completing Windy Landscape, which he originally beat on March 11, 2017.[1] After this, he beat some easy Extreme Demons, some Easy Demons, and a little bit in between. On July 12, he started trying to beat Red World Rebirth, which would become his hardest Demon. In this video, he got 55%.[2] The next day he got 71%,[3] then six days later, he beat Red World Rebirth, becoming his hardest Demon.[4]

He took a break from Extreme Demons for a while (besides Ice Carbon Diablo X, [5] which is very easy for an Extreme Demon), until he went for one of the big extreme demons, Bloodbath. On August 1, 2017, he got 44% on it. [6] One week later, he went all the way to 71%, [7] which made him pretty confident. Then he got 88% on August 23, 2017. He got pretty mad. Npesta then died at 87%,[8] which he showed in a video titled, "Extremely funny reaction (Bloodbath 87%)" [9] Finally, on September 1, 2017, he beat Bloodbath, taking him exactly a month.

Npesta improved from there. He was beating extreme demons like Conical Depression, [10] Phobos, [11] (which became his hardest demon) Incipient,[12] and more. Then, on July 14, 2018, Npesta took on a verification project that would turn his entire playing career around. Npesta went for a level that was harder than Sonic Wave. It was a buffed Phobos rebirth called Deimos.

He did a run of 60% - 85% that day, [13] then he got 43% five days later,[14] then he did the last dual ten times on August 2,[15] (Which is one of the hardest duals in the game) then doing the 53% - 100% the day after.[16] He was making fast progress. Unfortunately, on August 27, 2018, he took a break from the game, because he had to move houses, and he would come back on September 14.[17]

During this inactivity, Npesta made an exposing video at ToshDeluxe saying that Tosh made some parts auto in his verification video of Devil Vortex. Tosh disproved Npesta, but his points in his disproving video made Npesta more suspicious.[18] He made another exposing video to make more points about Tosh making Devil Vortex auto. Once again, Tosh made another exposing video disproving Npesta. Npesta got so suspicious to the point where he got the demon list team to make a video exposing ToshDeluxe with him. Originally, DiamondSplash uploaded the video, but then Npesta uploaded the same video on his channel. [19] The video was a success. Tosh made another video disproving the demon list team, [20] but to no use, for the demon list had obvious reasons for Tosh to hack, and most of the community believed Npesta.

Finally, Npesta came back to GD, and he went right back to Deimos. He got 49% four times on November 8,[21] (two months after he got back) then he got 56% on November 17. [22] After this video, he took another verification project. The level was a mega-collaboration called Unearthed by YakobNugget. He verified it on December 3, taking him about 2,000 attempts. Npesta said this verification was really special for him. [23] After that, Npesta went straight to Deimos again. He got 66% on January 2, 2019.[24] After that on February 10, he did a run of 32-100%.[25] The same day, he got 75%.[26] six days later, he got 86%.[27] Then finally, on February 17, 2019, Npesta verified Deimos after 8 months, 75k attempts, and 500 hours of playing time.[28]

Npesta then was very motivated to play levels, beating Erebus [29] and getting 40% on Zodiac.[30] But then he took on another verification that Trusta hosted and was going to verify, but then dropped it and gave it to Npesta on March 22, 2019. This level is called WOW. That day, Npesta got 31%[31] and did a run of 62% - 100% the day after that.[32] Then on April 5, he did a run of 30-100%.[33] On April 9, he got 66% on the level,[34] and then 88% on April 11.[35] Finally, on April 22, 2019, Npesta verified WOW, taking ~20,000 attempts and a bit over a month.[36]

About a week later, Npesta took on another verification project, Kenos, a super buffed, extended rebirth of Sakupen Hell,

On April 29, 2019, Npesta did a 64-100% run on Kenos. Then after 18,000 attempts, he got to 53%, making it to the second half of the level. On May 23, 2019, Npesta did a 31-100% run on Kenos. After a whole 41 days, he got new progress, 69% on the level. On August 13, 2019, he managed to get 83%.

On September 16, 2019, Npesta heavily buffed Kenos, mainly because he thought the level was not so difficult on 240Hz. He started getting a lot of deaths past 70% and 80% and on November 17, 2019, he did an impressive 17- 100% run on Kenos which before completion he's done three times. On November 30, 2019, Npesta got 90% on the level, making it past two difficult wave parts that he struggled with.  

On December 14, 2019, he finally verified Kenos on stream after eight months and 135,320 attempts. The stream peaked at 1,000 viewers, making the verification one of the biggest moments of his gaming career.

On Christmas Eve 2019 (10 days after the verification), Reddit user u/AGT-AM posted a video of someone beating Stereo Madness in practice mode, with Npesta's Kenos reaction in the corner. This meme inspired more people to make memes, like the c**k island speedrun,[37] the Google Earth Cat speedrun,[38] and the black emoji speedrun.[39] These memes caused Npesta to have his own page on Know Your Meme,[40] and he even getting noticed by PewDiePie.[41] PewDiePie said that Npesta was an "Impossible Game Speedrunner" which resulted in RobTop calling PewDiePie out on Twitter.[42]

He would pick up Altered Ascent by Prism and others later on. He eventually verified this in a bit over a week on April 4, 2020.[43]


Unrated Levels

  • Arrow keys template - A template for arrow keys.
  • Cyanide
  • DeCode hard wave - A difficult wave segment from DeCode.
  • Deimos last duel x10 - The final mixed dual section from Deimos ten times in a row.
  • Elite Z Rebirth easy - An easy version of Elite Z Rebirth.
  • Gd Cyanide Challenge - A challenge level.
  • Gizbro challenge - A challenge level meant for Gizbro.
  • iCryztal Challenge - A challenge level meant for iCryztal.
  • Layout Preview - A preview for a layout called Thanatophobia. It is currently set to be a Hard/Insane Demon.
  • Stereo Trollness - His first level ever created. It is a troll version of Stereo Madness.
  • Tricks challenge - A challenge level meant for Tricks.
  • Worlds Hardest Level
  • Layout For Dan - Made for DanZmeN's worst layout series.

Demon Levels

Extreme Demons
  • Kenos (featured) - A mega-collaboration created by BIanox, ChiefFlurry, and several other creators. It is a super-buffed rebirth and extension of Sakupen Hell.


  • "OH MY GOD!! *breathes heavily for 7 seconds* oh my god... YESSSSSSS!!!! *breathes heavily for 2 seconds* YES!! YES!! YESSSSSS!! *starts to cry* YES! OH MY GOD-- OH MY GOD-- OH MY GOD-- OH MY GOD--"[44] (His reaction to verifying Kenos, which would later become a meme)
  • "BALLS!" (Something he says randomly)
  • "THIS LEVEL IS CRAP!"[45] (His reaction to beating Phobos by KrmaL)
  • "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!! *moment's silence* Who does that? Who, does that? Who does that? Who the hell does that? Who does that, dude? What the hell?!?" (His reaction to crashing at 93% on Xo)[46]
  • "I LOVE THURSDAY!!" (His reaction to beating Ocular Miracle)[47]
  • ”My name is Npesta and TODAY we’re gonna play xo because I’m a DUMBASS!” (his intro to his xo video.)
  • "I GOT A LAG SPIKE!!" (His reaction to crashing at 94% on Altered Ascent)
  • "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 96!!!!" (His reaction to crashing at 96% on Bloodbath)[48]
  • "*slams desk* "WHYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!!!!?! *hangs head, then takes off headphones* Come on. *Leaves room*" (His reaction to crashing at 81% on Altered Ascent)
  • "I can only reapply - I CAN'T MAKE MONEY FOR 30 F**KING DAYS?!! I'm ending the f**king stream. F**K YOU, YOUTUBE!! Are you f**king serious?!? I don't have time for this s**t." (His reaction to getting demonetized on YouTube)
  • "Dude, having a British accent automatically makes you like 12 times funnier than you already are automa- like than you already are." (Him practicing Epsilon)
  • "This is the WORST extreme demon in the ENTIRE GAME in my opinion." (Some part after Epsilon completion)
  • "I am going to cum" Technical right after: "LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Start of Extreme Demon Roulette Co-op with Technical)


  • Npesta became an In-Game Moderator on February 28, 2020.
  • His three favorite Extreme Demons are Black Blizzard, Low Death, and Conical Depression, which some players find surprising due to many people disliking these levels (other than Black Blizzard).
    • These levels were all created by KrmaL.
  • He avoids listening to the in-game music for different levels. He instead listens to different game Original Sound Tracks (OST) that he plays in Geometry Dash. Mainly because the in-game song is repetitive.
  • He reached 50,000 subscribers on YouTube on April 8, 2020, and 100,000 subscribers on August 4, 2020.
  • His real name is Nathan Pesta.
  • He had the biggest fluke on CholeriX, fluking 45 to 100.
  • He has a brother known as Spesta on stream.
  • He has a medical condition known as astigmatism which causes him to have blurred vision and have trouble focusing on things.
  • His favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  • Both him and Juniper participated in the Minecraft Ultimate Hunger Games championship, although both did not make it very far before getting killed by popular Minecraft youtuber Technoblade.
  • He has an editor named Doggie.
    • Doggie also edits for Golden, one of Npesta's good friends.
  • He's known for intense and extremely loud reactions in the Quotes tab.




The verification of Deimos. Credits to Npesta.



The verification of WOW. Credits to Npesta.

KENOS VERIFIED (Extreme Demon) by Bianox & More!

KENOS VERIFIED (Extreme Demon) by Bianox & More!

The verification of Kenos. Credits to Npesta.

Altered Ascent VERIFIED (Extreme Demon) by Prism and More Geometry Dash

Altered Ascent VERIFIED (Extreme Demon) by Prism and More Geometry Dash

The verification of Altered Ascent. Credits to Npesta.


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