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Nathan Pesta, better known as Npesta, is a skilled American player in Geometry Dash who is most known for verifying the level Kenos, as well as Deimos, WOW, Unearthed, and Altered Ascent. Npesta's YouTube Channel currently has over 185,000 subscribers.

He is currently #108 on the Stats Viewer, above zPlasmaLust (#109) and below BrutalSword107 (#107).


Npesta joined YouTube on June 26, 2017, and posted a video of himself completing Windy Landscape, which he originally beat on March 11, 2017.[1] After this, he beat some other Demons. On July 12, he started trying to beat Red World Rebirth, which would become his hardest Demon. In this video, he got 55%.[2] The next day he got 71%,[3] and then six days later, after a fail at 96%, he beat Red World Rebirth, becoming his hardest Demon.[4]

He took a break from Extreme Demons for a while until he went for one of the most important Extreme Demons, Bloodbath. On August 1, 2017, he got 44% on it. [5] One week later, he went all the way to 71%, [6] which made him pretty confident. Then he got 88% on August 23, 2017, which enraged him quite a bit. Npesta then died at 87%,[7] which he showed in a video titled, "Extremely Funny Reaction (Bloodbath 87%)".[8] Finally, on September 1, 2017, he beat Bloodbath, taking him exactly a month in total.[9]

Npesta quickly improved from there. He was beating Extreme Demons like Conical Depression, [10] Phobos, [11], Incipient,[12] and more. Then, on July 14, 2018, Npesta took on a verification project that would turn his entire playing career around. Npesta went for a level that was harder than Sonic Wave. It was a buffed Phobos remake called Deimos.

He did a run of 60% - 85% that day, [13] then he got 43% five days later,[14] then he did the last dual ten times on August 2,[15]. On the day after that, he did a run from 53-100%.[16] Unfortunately, on August 27, 2018, he took a break from the game, because he had to move houses, and he would come back on September 14.[17]

During this inactivity, Npesta made an exposing video aimed at ToshDeluxe, claiming that Tosh made some parts auto in his verification video of Devil Vortex. Tosh tried to disprove Npesta, but Tosh's points only made Npesta more suspicious.[18] He made another exposing video to make more points about Tosh making Devil Vortex auto. Once again, Tosh made another exposing video disproving Npesta. Npesta got so suspicious to the point where he got the Demonlist team to make a video exposing ToshDeluxe with him. Originally, DiamondSplash uploaded the video, but then Npesta uploaded the same video on his channel. [19] The video was a success. Tosh made another video disproving the Demonlist team, [20] but to no use, for the Demonlist had obvious reasons for Tosh to hack, and most of the community believed Npesta.

Finally, Npesta came back to GD, and he went right back to Deimos. He got 49% four times on November 8,[21] (two months after he got back) then he got 56% on November 17. [22] After this video, he took another verification project. The level was a mega-collaboration called Unearthed by YakobNugget. He verified it on December 3, taking him about 2,000 attempts. Npesta said this verification was really special for him. [23] After that, Npesta went straight to Deimos again. He got 66% on January 2, 2019.[24] After that on February 10, he did a run of 32-100%.[25] The same day, he got 75%.[26] six days later, he got 86%.[27] Then finally, on February 17, 2019, Npesta verified Deimos after 8 months, 75k attempts, and 500 hours of playing time.[28]

Npesta was then very motivated to play levels, beating Erebus [29] and getting 40% on Zodiac.[30] But then he took on another verification that TrusTa hosted and was going to verify, on March 22, 2019. This level is called WOW and is known for its infamous spam parts. That day, Npesta got 31%[31] and did a run of 62% - 100% the day after that.[32] Then on April 5, he did a run of 30-100%.[33] On April 9, he got 66% on the level,[34] and then 88% on April 11.[35] Finally, on April 22, 2019, Npesta verified WOW, taking ~20,000 attempts and a bit over a month.[36]

About a week later, Npesta took on another verification project, Kenos, a super buffed, extended rebirth of Sakupen Hell.

On April 29, 2019, Npesta did a 64-100% run on Kenos. Then after 18,000 attempts, he got to 53%, making it to the second half of the level. On May 23, 2019, Npesta did a 31-100% run on Kenos. After a whole 41 days, he got new progress, 69% on the level. On August 13, 2019, he managed to get 83%.

On September 16, 2019, Npesta heavily buffed Kenos, mainly because he changed to a 240Hz monitor and thought that Kenos wasn't difficult enough on 240Hz. He started getting a lot of deaths -- over 100, in fact -- past 70% and 80%, and on November 17, 2019, he did an impressive 17- 100% run on Kenos which before completion he's done three times. On November 30, 2019, Npesta got 90% on the level, making it past the two difficult wave parts that he struggled with.

On December 14, 2019, he finally verified Kenos on stream after eight months and 135,320 attempts. The stream peaked at 1,000 viewers, making the verification one of the biggest moments of his gaming career.

On Christmas Eve 2019 (10 days after the verification), Reddit user u/AGT-AM posted a video of someone beating Stereo Madness in practice mode on popular meme subreddit r/okbuddyretard, with Npesta's Kenos reaction in the corner. This meme inspired more people to make memes, such as the C**k Island speedrun,[37] the Google Earth Cat speedrun,[38] and the black emoji speedrun.[39] These memes caused Npesta to have his own page on Know Your Meme,[40] and he even getting noticed by PewDiePie.[41] PewDiePie said that Npesta was an "Impossible Game Speedrunner" which resulted in RobTop calling out PewDiePie on Twitter.[42]

Towards the end of December 2019, Npesta would stream Sakupen Hell, the level that Kenos remade. He believed he could beat it quickly since he just verified the buffed remade version. However, after Npesta beat the level, he asked Doggie, Npesta's editor that applied for the position days earlier, to edit together a stream highlights based video for content.[43] Because of this video, the concept of stream highlights received a massive boost in the Geometry Dash community, with people such as Technical, Juniper, AmorAltra, and Golden hiring editors such as Lake Iverson, ViewSonic, RiceNStuff, PoisonArch, and Doggie himself to make stream highlights for their channels. Npesta has stuck with the stream highlights format ever since the Sakupen Hell video, with Doggie continuing to edit for him.

He would pick up Altered Ascent by Prism and others later on. He eventually verified this in a bit over a week on April 4, 2020.[44] For the next few months, he continued to beat extreme demons, having fun with the game, his friends, and the community.

On July 31, 2020, Npesta had the idea of a challenge for the community which would be titled the Extreme Demon Roulette. The classic version of this challenge features the main list and the extended list of the Geometry Dash Demonlist. In this challenge, the player would have to generate 100 levels, and the player must get a certain percentage on each one of these levels, and the percentage increases by 1% every new level. The challenge goes on until the player gives up. The challenge blew up in the community instantly, with popular players such as Knobbelboy,[45] GuitarHeroStyles,[46] EricVanWilderman,[47] and Dorami[48] playing the challenge multiple times. Players have also made modified versions of the challenge, such as NCat and GDVenom creating the Extreme Challenge Roulette featuring the Official Challenge List.[49]

On October 6, 2020, Npesta went live on Twitch addressing the issues that rose up concerning unnecessary hate and jest against him due to his Kenos reaction meme. He stated that although he pretended like it was all cool, it was in reality not so, and it hurt him greatly, and he finally revealed it. He also made it a point to say that he is speaking for everyone in the GD community, such as Technical, Juniper, and others who have been receiving unfair hate. In short, his main points were basically that:

  • Anyone who decides to hurt someone else mentally, on the internet, or through any means, is a loser and it's not worth trying to get back at them as they are doing so because they are frustrated in life and want to spread it to others
  • Anyone who wants to make fun of someone for no reason at all and without permission should not think that what he is doing isn't a big deal; rather, it actually does hurt.

He requests the community to not fight amongst one another and not try to get back at the mentally unstable, because there's no point and it's not going to get you anywhere good.

On December 24, 2020, went live on YouTube after leaving Twitch for, at the time, an unknown reason. In this stream, he stated that he was going to try to beat a slightly modified version of the Extreme Demon Roulette, with skips and multiple sessions, and he would try to beat it by continuing to play up until 100%.[50] 6 days later, he revealed that the reason he left Twitch was that his Email was hacked 8 days before, and he was able to retrieve every social media account that was used by the email, except for one, which was his Twitch account.[51]

On January 5th, 2021, after 32,376 attempts, Npesta beat Bloodlust on stream after 5 deaths at TMNGaming's part and 2 deaths at the final spike at 98%.[52]

On March 15, 2021, Npesta hinted towards the fact that something very fortunate happened to him, and that he would be announcing what happened later that week. Sure enough, on March 17, 2021, he released a video announcing that he has recovered his Twitch account 3 days earlier and he would no longer be streaming on YouTube.[53] He stated that he would be celebrating this with a Marbles On Stream stream.[54]


  • Npesta vs. Lime: On September 29, 2020, Npesta decided to try the Official Challenge List and beat a few difficult challenges. First, he beat Deterioration by Woom on September 29, then he beat Your Mom Challenge by xPi over the course of three days: September 29, September 30, and October 1. Then, he beat Liverpool by Combined on October 1, and finally, he attempted Vain by LimeTime313 on October 2, 2020. However, the creator of Vain (and phosphorescent), LimeTime313 (or Lime for short), didn't exactly like Npesta and attempted to attack him and even get him taken off of YouTube and Twitch. The first thing he did was buff the level so his record on Vain wouldn't count, then he put a racial slur in the end screen. Before Npesta completed Vain, he was informed that Lime tried to attack him and changed the racial slur to 'Your mom'. Then, the day after, Npesta beat the original version of Vain and then proceeded to address the problem in his 'Trying the challenge list' video. However, his fanbase took it very seriously and began to send hundreds of death threats to Lime as well as telling him to quit Geometry Dash. Three days later, Npesta wanted to address his Kenos Reaction Meme and how it feels to be a meme (as stated previously), and decided to include addressing the Lime situation in there as well. He stated that Lime didn't deserve all these threats towards him, and that he deserves more support. And by the end of the week, Lime had doubled his subscriber count on YouTube.
  • #freenpesta: On August 25, 2020, Npesta was falsely demonetized on YouTube for "reusing content". Npesta realized during a 2 1 1 stream that his channel was demonetized. He freaked out on stream, ending stream only six minutes in. As npesta tried desperately to get his channel back, a tag dubbed #freenpesta was starting to trend on Twitter. It became incredibly popular, as RobTop, The creator of Geometry Dash, and many other big creators spread the hashtag. It eventually reached #8 on Trending for Twitter, the first and only hashtag from the GD community to reach the top 10.[55] Eventually, YouTube noticed the movement and was approved to monetize again. This also caused Team YouTube to respond to the #freeriot movement back in 2018, and restoring Riot's old YouTube channel.

Extreme Demon Roulette completion

As mentioned previously, on December 24, 2020, Npesta began his journey of attempting to clear a slightly modified version of the Extreme Demon Roulette.He has made it to 80 points and 81% in his modified Extreme Demon Roulette. On stream #1, he did Wasureta for 1%, Tartarus for 2%, Infernal Abyss for 3%, Fabricated Thoughts for 4%, Fusion Z for 5%, Zirokabi for 6%, Ecstasy for 7%, Freedom08 for 8%, Titan Complex for 9%, Calculator Core for 10%, Molten Mercury for 11%, Omicron for 12%, Cadrega City for 13%, Tapwreck for 14%, Thinking Space for 15%, The Hell Origin for 16%, Tempered Steel for 17%, Epsilon for 18%, Yuh for 19%, WOW for 20%, SINGULARITY for 21%, and Galactic Shift for 22%. [56]

He continued in the second stream with The Hell Field for 23%. He skipped a percentage on Astral Divinity and got 25% because it is impossible to get 24%. He beat Molten Gear for 26% and Deimos for 27%. He got Lucid Nightmares for 28% and that took him the rest of stream 2, the entirety of stream 3, and some of stream 4 due to its insane difficulty.

He took the rest of the 4th stream to do Dark Flare for 30%, skipping super probably level's 29%. Super Probably Level was from the set of levels Npesta established beforehand that he would skip if he got them due to his astigmatism, and therefore skipped it and skipped whatever of those levels came up afterward as well. He titled those kinds of levels 'Free Skips'. He also got Fabrication for 31% and Tenth Circle for 32% in the 4th stream. Afterward, he got Killbot for 33% and skipped it due to the aforementioned reason, and The Yandere for 34% was set for him.

In the 5th stream, he successfully got 34% on The Yandere after completely fluking JonathanGD's part (the hardest part of the level) and got Hyper Paracosm for 35%. After getting that, he got Bausha Vortex which he free-skipped, and then got Kowareta for 37%. He achieved that in the next stream, stream 6, and also did Under lavaland for 38%, xo for 39%, and Yatagarasu for 40%. He then free-skipped Cold Sweat for 41%, and afterward got 42% on Catalyze and 43% on Hatred.

In stream #7, he got Delta Interface for 44% and started working on 45% for Omega, achieving it in the next stream, stream #8. After that, in the same stream, he got Generic Wave for 46% and EnvY for 47% and then free-skipped Down Bass and Biohazard.

Afterward, in stream #9, he got Phobos for 50% and Ancestral Calamity for 51%. Then, he got BuTiTi III for 52%, which took him the rest of the stream and some of stream 10 to complete. He thereafter got 53% on Dimension Breaker.

He spent stream #11 and #12 getting 54% on Betrayal of Fate, the next level, and in the same stream got SubSonic for 55% and Distraught for 56%. He then got Silentium Gradas for 57%. 57% on Silentium Gradas was entirely automatic. However, a frame-perfect timing was found by Luqualizer. He got to 57% 7 times before he managed to crash there, taking streams 12 and 13 to do so.

He spent the rest of stream #13 and some of stream #14 with 58% on Athanatos, and the rest of stream 14 and some of #15 was spent on 59% for Ethereal Artifice, an achievement that got him some list points on the Geometry Dash Demonlist due to meeting the minimum percentage needed to get list points for the level. He then got The Hell Zone for 60%, much to his dismay.

He wanted to complete every level on 240hz, with exceptions like Silentium Gradas, which required 60hz to die in that level. Due to the aforementioned want, he was forced not to play the level on 60Hz, and instead play on 240hz, which meant that there was a frame perfect timing at the beginning of the level. Due to this and the general aggravation of the level, he took the rest of the stream #15 as well as stream #16, #17, and some of #18 to get 60% on it. He then got Occult Outcry, which he free-skipped, and then got a spin-off Hell Series level, The Hell Bird. He spent the rest of stream #18 and some of #19 to get 62% on this.

Afterward, he got Mystic for 63%, Dolos for 64%, Rate Demon for 65%, and Bloodbath for 66% from streams #19-22. For 67%, he got the hardest level he ever completed, the level he is most famous for, Kenos. He managed to get 67% on it by stream #26, and he mentioned that he did not like replaying the level as it awakened many negative memories. After that, he got Audio Expulsion for 68%, which he achieved by stream 29, and Bass Cave for 69%, which he achieved by stream #32.

He got Hateful Reflection thereafter, which he free-skipped, landing him at 69 points. After that, he got Artificial Ascent for 71%, which he completed in stream #35, giving him some list points. Thereafter, Missing Benefits came up for 72%, which he got in stream #37, and received some more list points. Directly after Missing Benefits, he received Altered Ascent for 73%, which is another level he verified. He managed to finish it off in stream #40 and proceeded to generate Sonic Wave, which he free-skipped. For 75%, he got Shock Breaker, a level that he built a part in himself.

He finished Shock Breaker off 5 streams later on stream #45 and got Falcon16 for 76%. After taking a short break to beat Freedom08 by Pennutoh, he began to play Falcon16 on the next roulette stream, on stream #46. After finishing Falcon16 one stream later on stream #47, he got Balengu Vortex for 77%, which was free-skipped due to being a Nine Circles level. So immediately after rolling Balengu Vortex and free-skipping it, he got ElectroLux by GuitarHeroStyles, the official sequel to PanaSonic, for 78%. This took him only two streams to get 78% on, and on stream #49, he rolled Carcano for 79%, which he had noted had moved down from #65 to #89 since he started the roulette, as all levels are frozen in position from the start of a run to the end. He did a practice run and got 21% in the same stream before moving to Hypixel Bridge Duels for the remainder of the stream.

He then finished Carcano off on stream #52, but his good luck that he had built up to that point had "expired" and he got Arctic Lights for 80%. He said in stream #1 that he would not skip this or Hyper Paracosm, which he got for 35%, despite them both being Nine Circles levels. After struggling with it for a few streams, as well as a lot of technical difficulties, he successfully pulled it off on stream 58. However, he would yet again receive a fairly difficult level, Spectrum Cyclone for 81%. This was one of the harder levels in the challenge, with him seldom making it past the pre-drop. After a few streams, he succeeded and finally got a lucky break when he got Low Death for 82%, which is not only on the easier side of possible levels, but one of his favorite Extreme Demons, and an Extreme that he had already beaten. He accomplished this two streams later and, much to his dismay, got The Golden for 83%. Luckily, he had not used any of the five free skips he had provided himself (minus the astigmatism-flared ones) so he skipped it and got decently lucky with rolling Breakout Redux for 84.


Unrated levels

  • arrow keys template - A template for arrow keys.
  • cyanide
  • DeCode hard wave - A difficult wave segment from DeCode.
  • Deimos last duel x10 - The final mixed dual section from Deimos ten times in a row.
  • Elite Z Rebirth easy - An easy version of Elite Z Rebirth.
  • Gd Cyanide Challenge - A challenge level.
  • gizbro challenge - A challenge level for Gizbro.
  • iCryztal Challenge - A challenge level for iCryztal.
  • layout for dan - Made for DanZmeN's worst layout series.
  • Layout Preview - A preview for a Hard/Insane Demon.
  • Stereo trollness - His first level ever created. It is a troll version of Stereo Madness.
  • tricks challenge - A challenge level meant for Tricks33.
  • Worlds Hardest Level

Demon levels

Extreme Demons

  • Kenos (featured) - A mega-collaboration created by Bianox, ChiefFlurry, and several other creators. It is a super-buffed rebirth and extension of Sakupen Hell.


  • Npesta became a Geometry Dash Moderator on February 28, 2020.
  • His three favorite Extreme Demons are Black Blizzard, Low Death, and Conical Depression. All three of these levels got an SS-rank on his Extreme Demon tier list.[57]
    • These levels were all created by KrmaL, coincidentally.
  • He avoids listening to the in-game music of different levels. He instead listens to different video game Original Sound Tracks (OSTs), mainly because he finds the in-game songs to be repetitive.
  • He reached 50,000 subscribers on YouTube on April 8, 2020, and 100,000 subscribers on August 4, 2020.
  • He has a double-striped black belt in martial arts.[citation needed]
  • He had the biggest fluke on CholeriX, fluking 45% to 100%.
  • He has a medical condition known as astigmatism which causes him to have blurred vision, have trouble focusing on things, and hurt his eyes if he looks at certain patterns of light.
  • He is asexual, as he revealed in a Q&A stream.[citation needed]
  • He has a slight lisp.
  • Both he and Technical participated in the Minecraft Ultimate Hunger Games championship. He got pretty far before getting killed by popular Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade.
  • He used to have extremely intense and loud reactions to close fails and beating Extreme Demons very frequently, but after his Kenos meme emphasizing his reaction, he is much less emotional.
  • He has a series named "Waving with npesta", where 2 (sometimes more) of his friends pick out wave challenges for him to play in a single stream. The two more common friends are ArtsiBurn908, who picks out more serious challenges, and Croanix, who often uses jokes, non-challenges, and challenges much out of Npesta's skill range (such as VSC, Vanuatu, etc.) for comedic effect.
  • His favorite day of the week is Thursday as he beat Low Death, Titan Complex, Ocular Miracle, 2 1 1, and Epsilon all on a Thursday.
  • His favorite level is Lit Fuse, and his least favorite level is Bass Cave.
  • He is the most popular Gang member and the only one to have surpassed 150,000 subscribers as of 2021.
  • His Twitch channel became partnered/verified on August 7, 2020 and his YouTube channel became verified on December 22, 2020.
  • He was the first victor of Ziroikabi by RoiMousti and others.
  • He won an award in the 2020 Awards for Best Streamer.
  • Npesta died twice at 98% on Bloodlust, making him the second to do so, after GdWolvezz.
  • He beat Titan Complex on the last attempt of the day due to his astigmatism, one of his most ironic completions.
  • He has a spreadsheet for his attempt at the Extreme Demon Roulette at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Xkzy5Z_46OjVDqr8_bCYyUY_pnhUa31ssdkVBv6XwQg.
  • One of the most popular series on his channel is his "A Day With" series, in which he plays levels that are either out of his skill range or he just doesn't wanna beat, and instead does individual runs, then has Doggie compile the clips of each run together in one video.
    • He has made eight videos in this series, with (in chronological order) Tartarus, Renevant, Bloodlust, Zodiac, Deimos, SARY NEVER CLEAR, Sunset Sandstorm, and Silent Club.
      • He also planned on doing one for Cold Sweat but gave up as the wave was too taxing on his eyes.
  • He broke the world record for a Marbles on Stream track twice in a row, which he believes is the rarest thing that has ever happened to him.
    • The world record for the track "Mountain Pass 2" was set during his first Marbles on Stream stream by Twitch user akakakakak1, but it was later beaten. However, Npesta got the world record back when he streamed Marbles on Stream again on his first stream back on Twitch and the record was set by Twitch user pokemonmaster8985.
      • Per his promise of giving whoever beat the world record for him VIP, he gave VIP to pokemonmaster8985.
    • He says that this might be rarer than when he got the track "Shop" to play 3 times in a row in a shuffled playlist of 101 Undertale OST tracks during his 71st Kenos stream, which has around a one in a million chance of happening.
  • He has a dog named Elsie who is a Jack Russell Terrier.
  • He has the most liked comment on Speed Racer by ZenthicAlpha. He commented it on stream and asked to have the most liked comment on the level since all comments on the level were deleted by RobTop on April 1, 2021 by accident.



Unearthed Verified (Extreme Demon) by YakobNugget and More!

The verification of Unearthed. Credits to npesta.



The verification of Deimos. Credits to npesta.



The verification of WOW. Credits to npesta.


KENOS VERIFIED (Extreme Demon) by Bianox & More!

The verification of Kenos. Credits to npesta.


Altered Ascent VERIFIED (Extreme Demon) by Prism and More Geometry Dash

The verification of Altered Ascent. Credits to npesta.


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