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The Official Demon List (or Official Demons List) is a community creation that classifies a variety of Demon levels in Geometry Dash in order of difficulty. The official list was originally a topic on the game forums but was ultimately moved to an independent website and has been receiving updates since April 2015. Currently, the list classifies Tartarus as the hardest Demon level in the game.


The Official Demon List formerly sorted out a total of 50 demon levels and was extended in October 2017 to 100 and in June 2019 to 150, dividing the list into a main and extended list with 75 levels each. The eventual community's shift to 144 Hz monitors enabled people to complete levels that had not been finished legitimately due to the limitations of 60 Hz, causing levels that were previously not a consideration one and requiring continued makeovers of the list.


The main list and the extended list are actively-updated lists that include subjectively ranked demon levels which are added as a result of the average sentiment of the players given the time that had to be put on the level and the skill required to complete it on normal mode. As a method of management, the list is split into two to separate the hardest-in-game that requires higher skill to complete than the average hard demon level. The legacy list contains demons that occupied the list but were pushed off as new demons were annexed; it does not follow any order and will not receive updates.

Main List

  1. Tartarus by Mullsy
  2. Zodiac by xander556
  3. Kenos by npesta
  4. Cognition by EndLevel
  5. Crimson Planet by TrueOmega
  6. Renevant by nikroplays
  7. Bloodlust by knobbelboy
  8. Calculator Core by Walroose
  9. Lucid Nightmares by CairoX
  10. Kowareta by Shiorin
  11. Deimos by EndLevel
  12. Arctic Lights by Metalface221
  13. Visible Ray by Krampux
  14. Ragnarok by Knobbelboy
  15. Plasma Pulse Finale by Smokes
  16. The Yandere by Dorami
  17. Ouroboros by ViPriN
  18. Gamma by MindCap
  19. Hyper Paracosm by EndLevel
  20. Sonic Wave by Sunix
  21. Generic Wave by Pennutoh
  22. Spacial Rend by Eclipsed
  23. Tapwreck by MrLorenzo
  24. Sigma by MindCap
  25. Yatagarasu by TrusTa
  26. Macabre by ZephiroX
  27. Titan Complex by TCTeam
  28. Erebus by BoldStep
  29. Devil Vortex by Rustam
  30. Necromancer by TGI
  31. WOW by TrusTa
  32. ZAPHKIEL by Darwin
  33. xo by KrmaL
  34. Celestial Force by MindCap
  35. Dark Flare by KeiAs
  36. Step to Hell by LaZye
  37. Digital Descent by ViPriN
  38. Sunset Sandstorm by crohn44
  39. Freedom08 by Pennutoh
  40. Cadrega City by Pennutoh
  41. Stalemate Redux by TehTactiq
  42. Auditory Breaker by LazerBlitz
  43. Factory Realm X by HelpegasuS
  44. Demonicat by f3lixsram
  45. Dolos by Enzeux
  46. Paroxysm by Lemons
  47. Killbot by BoldStep
  48. Catalyze by ZephiroX
  49. Photovoltaic II by Mazl
  50. Tempered Steel By ItsHybrid
  51. Delta Interface by Platnuu
  52. Missing Benefits by TGI
  53. Ziroikapi by Kapinapi
  54. Artificial Ascent by ViPriN
  55. Fabrication by KeiAs
  57. Ziroikabi by RoiMousti
  58. Quantum Processing by Riot
  59. Furious Flames by Failure444
  60. Glowy by RobBuck
  61. Cadrega Mode by TCTeam
  62. Rate Demon by RoiMousti
  63. BuTiTi III by JonathanGD
  64. Bausha Vortex by Pennutoh
  65. The Hell Field by Stormfly
  66. Black Blizzard by KrmaL
  67. Hatred by AZuLer4
  68. Belloq by Sminx
  69. Audio Expulsion by GoodSmile
  70. Astral Divinity by knobbelboy
  71. SINGULARITY by Bianox
  72. Subsonic by ViPriN
  73. Anoxysm by Lemons
  74. Infernal Abyss by swithi
  75. Shock Therapy by Arb71703

Extended List

  1. The Hell Zone by Stormfly
  2. distraught by Alkali
  3. Bass Cave by Bloodshot
  4. SPEEDRUN by Kaito
  5. Athanatos by Exenity
  6. Breakout Redux by Waivve
  7. Ithacropolis by BIGMAC77
  8. The Hell World by Stormfly
  9. TeaM Z by 99Percent
  10. MadMansion by GunnerBones
  11. Surge of Memories by TMNGaming
  12. Mystic by EndLevel
  13. The Hell Origin by Stormfly
  14. EnvY by DanZmeN
  15. Arctic Arena by Eclipsed
  16. Asmodeus by Vexion
  17. Carnage Mode by Findexi
  18. VendetTa by CFteamgd
  19. Dimension Breaker by Bianox
  20. Phobos by KrmaL
  21. Super Probably Level by alkali
  22. Sakupen Hell by TrusTa
  23. Extinction by Chom
  24. Ancestral Calamity by MrSpaghetti
  25. Silentium Gradas by Stormfly
  26. Blade of Justice by Manix648
  27. Betrayal of Fate by WeoWeoTeo
  28. Artifice by f3lixsram
  29. Esencia by Zafkiel
  30. ATMarbl by Pennutoh
  31. Epsilon by Team Proxima
  32. Atmosphere by VoidSquad
  33. Bloodbath by Riot
  34. Down Bass by Spectra
  35. Under lavaland by N R G
  36. Conical Depression by KrmaL
  37. Idols by Zafkiel
  38. Aurora by TheKris
  39. The Hell Bird by Havok
  40. Annihilation Nation by Zylenox
  41. Artificial Ideology by TeamN2
  42. A Bizarre Phantasm by TeamN2
  43. The Hell Factory by TeamN2
  44. WaveBreaker by Lemons
  45. Penultimate Phase by nwolc
  46. Aftermath by Satcho
  47. INNARDS by Kaito
  48. GridLocked by Eclipsed
  49. Plasma Pulse III by Smokes
  50. Novalis by Gryllex
  51. The Hell Dignity by Stormfly
  52. Triple Six by Zylenox
  53. Niflheim by Vismuth
  54. Panasonic by GuitarHeroStyles
  55. Limitless by Konsi
  56. The Antimatter by Bianox
  57. Marathon by WeoWeoTeo
  58. Audio Extraction by GoodSmile
  59. Elite Z Rebirth by KrmaL
  60. Twisted Tranquility by Flukester
  61. Unearthed by YakobNugget
  62. Breakout by Surv
  63. Grill Kill by RoiMousti
  64. Concaved Memories by CairoX
  65. Heat Wave by Nico99
  66. Heartbeat by KrmaL
  67. Deception Dive by Rustam
  68. Skrrah by VirtualCrack
  69. The Flawless by IIIRyanIII
  70. Fexty by SkyJax
  71. Digital Disarray by Giron
  72. NecropoliX by Namtar
  73. Retention by WOOGI1411
  74. CholeriX by Shaggy23
  75. Alcatraz by Asuith

Legacy List

  1. Insaction by ByBoy 11
  2. Killerzone by Dorami
  3. Artificial Dream by iIiViRuZiIi
  4. Glide by crohn44
  5. Red World Rebirth by Riot
  6. Violently X by Dorami
  7. Incipient by Jenkins GD
  8. Cromulent by RelayX
  9. Exotic Energy by Ellisha
  10. Volume by Metalface221
  11. AcropoliX by SoulsTRK
  12. Matilda the Machine by Jeyzor
  13. SUBVERSIVE by Snowr33de
  14. Tech Manifestation by Pleoslim
  15. CYCLONE by Bianox
  16. The Lost Existence by JonathanGD
  17. UltraSans by PlebKingdom
  18. Raindance by Milos482
  19. Duelo Maestro by Nacho21
  20. Polish Alphabet by Patchimator
  21. Pumped Up Kicks by Quiken
  22. Zettabyte by Jenkins GD
  23. Sky Tech by Giron
  24. Uprise by Blad3M
  25. Awakening Horus by Juhou
  26. Gammaray by stardust1971
  27. Allegiance by nikroplays
  28. Night Party by RLOL
  29. Instant Execution by Plexidit
  30. HyperSonic by ViPriN
  31. Cataclysm by GgB0y
  32. Cosmorush 21 by Pennutoh
  33. Underground by Keyblade
  34. Falling Up by KrmaL
  35. 8o X by f3lixsram
  36. Penombre by ZephiroX
  37. Grimoire Heart by CFteamgd
  38. Dark Rivalry by Flex
  39. Frizzantino Vibes by UserMatt18
  40. Electrosonic by CastriX
  41. Cosmic Calamity by SrGuillester
  42. Excessive Compliment by Pennutoh
  43. Superstrike by Lemons
  44. Doop by WormFodder
  45. Torrential Storm by xKstrol
  46. Arcadelocked by Tongii
  47. Es Dilar Nos by Mulpan
  48. The Ultimate Phase by Andromeda
  49. Destruction of God by RelayX
  51. Photovoltaic by Mazl
  52. After Catabath by Boyofthecones
  53. Final Epilogue by Pennutoh
  54. Astronomical Alchemy by iSparki
  55. Dark RainBow Rebirth by knobbelboy
  56. ICE Carbon Diablo X by Roadbose
  57. Hydraulic Overdrive by Xyriak
  58. NecroDynamix by HelpegasuS
  59. Galaxy Breaker by Bianox
  60. Kurumi City by xnail
  61. Galatic Fragility by TeamSmokeWeed
  62. New Supersonic by CronosCrl
  63. Creeper Force by CreeperMLK
  64. Abandoned Kingdom by Sunix
  65. Future Circles by KeiAs
  66. Quest for Perfection by LazerBlitz
  67. Cyber Chaos by Hinds
  68. Temple of Destiny by DrakeGhast
  69. Clubstep Reborn by Boyofthecones
  70. Spectral Tentation by DiscJoker
  71. Crimson Clutter by RedUniverse
  72. Demonic Bass by Miniman2098
  73. Asymmetry by WOOGI1411
  74. Rewind by Awzer
  75. Plasma Pulse II by Giron
  76. Elements X by Eiken
  77. Wander of Thought by Noriega
  78. Hate War by Stormfly
  79. The Secret Box by Metalface221
  80. Lunatic Doom Machine by SrGuillester
  81. Valor by KrmaL
  82. Night Terrors by Hinds
  83. Hyperio Technia by ML500
  84. Subterranean Animism by evw
  85. Pursuit by Shocksidian
  86. Ultraviolet by ViPriN
  87. Wolfstep by RLOL
  88. Light Years by Smokes
  89. Geminorum by Feko9
  90. X Adventure by pasiblitz
  91. Sparklic Ocean by Koreaqwer
  92. DeltaNova by RyanAB
  93. Necropolis by NePtunE
  94. The JanuS Miracle by Megadere
  95. Catastrophic by TheOne21
  96. Sadism by Nox
  97. DoomsDay by ElectricBass
  98. Lezicuv by IIscpl4nstII
  99. Entwined Room by MidNight
  100. God Eater by knobbelboy

List Team

The Official Demon List is led by a handful of people, otherwise known as list editors and list helpers. They have a public discord server in which people can get involved in evaluations of the list via polls that they occasionally post as announcements.

Name Position
Gabs Leader
GunnerBones Leader
Mullsy Leader
Nimbus Leader
poi Leader
Colorbolt Moderator
Davphla Moderator
Dellinger Moderator
Golden Moderator
Kapinapi Moderator
Luqualizer Moderator
Moosh Moderator
RG123456789 Moderator
Stilluetto Moderator
vinny Moderator
BlazeD77 Helper
Foundmyball Helper
LuigiDB Helper
Tricks33 Helper
XeonJH Helper


Each demon level annexed into the list has an independent overview of the level and the records set, including a link to the achievement's video. To submit a record, it must comply with the following criteria:

  • Demon rules
    • Demons need to be rated to be included on this list.
    • Levels that receive a hacked update changing their difficulty will be moved to the legacy section of the list. Alternatively, if a demon gets a hacked update before being list-worthy, it will not get added. However, a demon whose original verification was hacked will still get on the list.
  • Submission rules
    • Records must be legitimate and uploaded on YouTube, Vimeo, Bilibili or streamed to be added to the list.
    • Anyone posting illegitimate recordings and passing them off as legit will have their records removed from the list. Illegitimate records include, but are not limited to, speed hacks, noclip, autos, nerfs, macros, FPS bypass, etc.
    • Records on a level must be in normal mode and on the live version of the level or an appropriate bug fixed/low detail copy of said level. Please refer to the bugfix and LDM guidelines.
    • The record holder must meet the percentage requirement of a level to be added to the list for said level.
  • General guidelines
    • Verifications are not counted as records on the list, but still award points.
    • Being in a group in which people beat levels for the same channel will cause your records to be temporarily removed from the list.
  • Bugfix and LDM guidelines
    • Records using a level's built-in LDM are always eligible.
    • Records on appropriate LDM copies of levels are eligible. Please make contact with a List Moderator if you are unsure of which decorations can or cannot be removed. Generally speaking, an LDM copy should not remove decorations that obstruct the player's vision, blind transitions, flashes or boss fights, for example. Referring to the first guideline, if the previously stated decorations are removed in a level's built-in LDM though, it is perfectly fine to use it.
    • Records on appropriate bugfix copies of levels for different refresh rates are eligible. Please make contact with a List Moderator if you are unsure of what is or isn't a bug.


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