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Omega Ending
Level Information
Creator Pennutoh, Temp, Helpegasus, Thomartin, GDSean, TheTactiq, ZeroSR, Mactanow, Sogogi, Ryder, Giron, Lemons, Shocksidian, Molds, RadiationV2, Mezzo, Scrumpy, Knobbelboy, Fufafac, MindCap (host and publisher), Koolboom, Vlacc, Metalface221, Arb71703, Vismuth, Zeroya, Kllnex, Masu, Xaren, and Darwin (Verified by Technical)
Difficulty Extreme Demon Extreme Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 59706883
Level version 1
Last updated in TBA
Composer Dimrain47
Song name The Prototype
Newgrounds ID 33326

Omega is a 2.1 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration hosted by MindCap and verified by Technical on February 15, 2020. It is the sequel to Sigma and the trequel to Gamma. Omega is the easiest in the series and is at least Digital Descent or Step To Hell difficulty. It is currently #35 on the Official Geometry Dash Demon List, above Titan Complex (#36) and below Necromancer (#34).


Omega was first revealed to the public when MindCap released a preview of it on March 6, 2019, showcasing the first few completed parts in the level. In the video description, he stated that it is set to be verified by Zeroya, the full member list will be revealed when the level is finished, and that this will be his final new mega-collaboration for now due to his last school year.[1]

The next day on March 7, Temp showcased his and Pennutoh's shared part in the level.[2] About two months later on May 5, Metalface221 released a video showcasing his and Vlacc's shared part in the level.[3]

On May 28, ZeroSR showcased his part in the level, which mainly featured tight spaces everywhere.[4] The next day on May 29, ItzMezzo revealed his part in the level, which took roughly 2.5 months to build.[5] Three days later on May 31, Nwolc released a video that showcased his own part in the level.[6]


On August 20, MindCap released a video showcasing his own part in the level. In the video description, he stated that the layout was created by Koolboom and it was his final piece of decoration that he will do in the game.[7]


On December 1, MindCap released a video showcasing the full level. In the video description, he stated that it took twelve months to complete.[8]


On January 20, 2020, Technical revealed to the public that he is verifying Omega.


On February 15, 2020, Technical got a 97% fail and then half an hour later, verified it.


  • 0% - 5% (Temp + Pennutoh): The level starts with a handful of tight cube timings, jumping from platforms to orbs to platforms. It also includes a few gravity portals to throw off the player. It enters a short tight wave section filled with spikes, which goes back to a tight jump section with gravity portals, jump pads, and orbs. A sign displays the Temp and Pennutoh collab, then goes into a few bounce pads to transition into Helpegasus's part.
  • 5% - 13% (Helpegasus):
  • 13% - 23% (Thomartin):
  • 23% - 27% (ZeroSR):
  • 27% - 35% (Mactanow + Sogogi):
  • 35% - 40% (Ryder):
  • 40% - 48% (Lemons + Giron):
  • 48% - 56% (Molds + Shocksidian):
  • 56% - 62% (Mezzo + Scrumpy):
  • 62% - 67% (Fufafac + Knobbelboy):
  • 67% - 69% (Koolboom + MindCap):
  • 69% - 76% (Vlacc + Metalface221):
  • 76% - 84% (Vismuth + Arb71703):
  • 85% - 87% (Xaren):
  • 87% - 89% (Masu):
  • 89% - 93% (Kllnex):
  • 93% - 100% (Darwin):


  • The password for the level is 772002.
  • The level contains 281,255 objects.
  • It was placed at #34 on the Official Demon list on April 8, 2020, above Dark Flare (#35), and below Celestial Force (#33).
  • Technical died at Darwin's part twice, once at 95%[9] and once at 97%.
  • This level was rated on February 21, 2020, although it was rated Insane Demon at first. This was fixed 2 days later on February 23, 2020.
  • In real life, Omega (Ω) is the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet. In the Greek numeric system/Isopsephy (Gematria), it has a value of 800.[10]


OMEGA - EXTREME DEMON - FULL LEVEL Showcase by MindCap, Ryder & more

OMEGA - EXTREME DEMON - FULL LEVEL Showcase by MindCap, Ryder & more

The full level showcase for Omega. Credits to Knobbelboy.

Omega VERIFIED (Extreme Demon) by MindCap and more - On Stream - Geometry Dash

Omega VERIFIED (Extreme Demon) by MindCap and more - On Stream - Geometry Dash

The verification of Omega. Credits to Technical.


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