Level Information
Creator DiMaViKuLov26
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4Star
ID 11699922
Last updated in 1.9
Level version 1
Song name Lost Forest
Play song None
Composer Punk7890
Song ID Unknown

OscUra is a 2.0 Hard 4* level created by DiMaViKuLov. As its name suggests, it was inspired by the iOS video game called OscUra.


The level starts off with realistic animation of the game's starting, mastered with moving object functions. Then, it shows the game's setting, with the cube covered with a character from the game. It progresses through three "chapters," each indicated by a fancy title created from objects. The second chapter even has a vignette effect on it. The level is mostly auto, but at several points, the player must execute some jumps.

User Coins

There are 3 easy user coins hidden in this level.

  • The first coin is in Chapter 1 in the map. After making one jump at the start, just don't do anything and wait until you get the coin. Then tap on the invisible jump orb to continue.
  • The second coin is in Chapter 2. You just need to jump when you see the coin.
  • The third coin is in Chapter 3. Sometime after the first jump, right after you fall down from the starting ground, there is a structure with the coin. Jump on that structure to successfully obtain the coin.


UNA PELÍCULA! Geometry Dash -2

UNA PELÍCULA! Geometry Dash -2.0- - Oscura by Dimavikulov 2 - GuitarHeroStyles

Credits to GuitarHeroStyles.