Pasiblitz is an extremely talented German player and level creator in Geometry Dash who is most famous for being the first player to beat 1,000 demons. He is also famous for creating difficult demons such as X Adventure and The Caverns.


Unrated Levels

  • Arctic Area - A glow-based and Demon-worthy level that never got rated.
  • Dualplex - A collaboration with Mazl. It is another 1.9 Demon-worthy level styled like most of the 1.9 levels.
  • Momentum - A 1.9 level that many say should have been rated or featured. It was his entry for Mazl's Creator Contest.
  • Wave shenanigans - A really difficult wave challenge level.
  • X Adventure Copyable - A copyable version of X Adventure containing a secret way.

Harder Levels

  • Luck (featured) - An early 1.9 level that is reminiscent of Theory of Everything 2.

Insane Levels

  • Demonclub (featured) - A 1.8 red-and-black level with the official song Clubstep.
  • hex Flex (featured) - A Hexagon Force-styled level with the official song Hexagon Force.
  • Hexamans Adventure (featured) - A glow-styled level with the official song Electroman Adventures.
  • rainbowrace (starred) - His first level ever created. It is a rainbow-themed level.

Demon Levels

Hard Demons

  • Lets Bounce (featured) - An early 1.9 timing-based Demon.
  • The Caverns (featured) - A moderately difficult 1.9 level. Many think of it as the easiest Insane Demon of Geometry Dash.

Insane Demons

  • The Caverns II (featured) - The sequel to his other level, The Caverns.
  • X Adventure (featured) - A very difficult remake of Electroman Adventures. It was his entry for Zobros's Creator Contest, in which it got first place.


  • X Adventure is his only level that contains verified user coins.
  • The last comment he made on his account was on his level X Adventure Copyable.
  • Pasiblitz is well known for being a big fan of the bullet hell series "Touhou Project", even referencing it in his part in Flap.


X Adventure by me Demon ;3;

X Adventure by me Demon ;3;

The verification of X Adventure. Credits to Pasiblitz.

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