Pennutoh is an extremely talented Italian level creator in Geometry Dash. He is mostly known for creating levels with amazing sync. His levels are decorated well, and his most famous ones are Bausha Vortex, Excessive Compliment, and Cadrega City. He is also hosting Freedom08 (previously known as Freedom Chair) and Belloq. He also had a part in Gamma, the extreme demon hosted by MindCap, and he has participated in many more collaborations with the community. He is famous for his funny personality, meme-like videos and his incredible ability to sync layouts to near perfection. He has currently 8 demons of his own on the Official Geometry Dash Demon List, 4 of which are on the Main List, 2 on the Extended List, and 2 on the Legacy List.


Unrated Levels

  • Sonic Wait - A version of Sonic Wave where a hand stops you right before the first purple orb, and you must wait nearly 2 minutes until the level plays for 3 seconds.
  • Base after Base infi - A slightly buffed remake of Base After Base by RobTop, which its main goal is to be a spam-fest of random objects and glow.
  • Bath - A modernistic remake of the 1.9 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration Bloodbath by GeoStorm, verified and published by Riot. It was a super secret project of Pennutoh's, and was verified by Temp.
  • belo gheimplei v3
  • Cadrega City unnerfe - The unnerfed version of Cadrega City.
  • Furious Box - An unrated 2.0 demon featuring, of course, a furious box.
  • GS 1 space MOSTROO - A poorly decorated 2.0 joke level all about straight fly, alongside some Italian text in the level. The description is also in Italian and roughly translates (according to Google Translate) to: share this level in 5 teams otherwise the magical futanaries and the detective Zephyr will verify Pyromaniac legit.
  • GS 1 space Pizza
  • Interconcept
  • Laser Dummy
  • layout thing - An undecorated layout open for decoration by asking Pennutoh in DMs via Discord (despite the fact that, in order to DM him, he must accept your friend request, and he rarely does this). An extended version of this layout is now the layout for Have a Drink 2.
  • Lightsaber Box - An unrated 2.0 demon that is a sort-of sequel to Laser Box. It was started in early 2.0 and revived later.
  • rella rella rella
  • Russialocked - A Russian version of the RobTop level Deadlocked, making fun of the Soviet Union. The level is poorly made with the song Anubis by EnV, although the gameplay is mostly unchanged from the original Deadlocked.
  • Sector 1077 - A mixed dual unrated 2.0 demon with numerous fakes.
  • uh uh skull

Insane Levels

  • Appledynamix (featured) - A remake of Electrodynamix with the song "Wobbly Tooth, Crunchy Apple" by Bossfight. Pennutoh nicknamed it "Electrodynamix on drugs." It is his first level ever created.
  • Pandoro (featured) - A Christmas mega-collaboration with PrismDash, Omnikonna, Juhou, Jghost217, TurtleBro, Sminx and Pennutoh himself, who made the last part. Pennutoh made the entire layout.

Demon Levels

Medium Demons

  • Cocco Bello (featured) - One of Pennutoh's easier levels. The layout was built by him on his phone when he was on vacation. The goal of this mega-collaboration was to be decorated in a 1.9 style, and it just captures the goal in the final product.
  • Rothman Adventures (featured) - An old-style 2.1 Electroman Adventures remake made in secret (we learned nothing about the level until it was released). It also supposedly received a nerf-date to make it easier and more accessible.

Hard Demons

  • Cosmonaut 21 (starred) - An early red/hell-themed 2.0 demon with some 1.9 vibes. It has a fair bit of memory and dual-skills involved, and gave inspiration for his updated version; Cosmorush 21.
  • Efetis Belis (featured) - A unique blue and yellow themed level with custom jump orbs and some fakes.
  • Laser Box (featured) - A 1.9-2.0 laser/tech-themed demon with a short boss fight around the end consisting of two monsters shooting spikes, saws, and lasers out of their mouths. He said in his YouTube video that he was going to maybe update it later, but he never got around to updating it.
  • PainStep (featured) - A difficult and heavily modified remake of Clubstep.
  • Superior Sequence (starred) - A 2.0 memory demon verified originally by Pennutoh and then buffed and reverified by Powerbomb.

Insane Demons

  • Big Boom (epic) - his "masterpiece", a heavily decorated timing-based level.
  • Escape the Core (featured) - A fast-paced, early-2.0 semi-invisible timing insane demon. It was a collaboration with xCarbon87.
  • Final Epilogue (featured) - A mix of some of his levels in revamped versions.
  • Have a Drink - A Hinds-inspired level set to be verified by Pennutoh, but gave up due to getting annoyed, and BrianTheBurger verified it. It took around a year and a half for the level to be built and verified. The end screen was made by Terron. This level was also Pennutoh's "Spicy Layout #6".

Extreme Demons

  • Cosmorush 21 (featured)
  • ATMarbl (featured) - An extreme demon 2.1 mega-collaboration verified by Golden. It was decorated off of Pennutoh's "Spicy Layout #9", an ongoing series on YouTube which he showcases his best layouts that he has made, and renames them as a "Spicy Layout". This level is known for causing major finger pains due to the intense gameplay and click sync.
  • Excessive Compliment (featured) - A level that is dedicated to Microwave.
  • Bausha Vortex (featured) - An extremely difficult 2.1 remake of Nine Circles. It was verified by BlackWolfJake (Known, at the time of verification, as Temporum)
  • Cadrega City  (featured) - A difficult remake of Kurumi City. It was verified by Sunix.
  • Freedom08 (Featured) - #15 on the Demonlist
  • Generic Wave (Featured) - A generic remake of the 1.9 Extreme Demon Sonic Wave by Cyclic. It is a joke level with lots of effort put into it and was a collaboration with Enlex. It also used to be called "Sonic Wave 2018", but got changed to "Generic Wave". It took just over a year to be built and was verified by Mullsy.

Upcoming Levels

  • A2Marbl
  • Step (now hosted by MindCap)


  • All of his star rated levels are rated as Demon except AppleDynamix and Pandoro.
  • His first level (AppleDynamix) was featured, which is very rare for most creators.
  • Sometimes he plays "Kek Or Cringe" with other pro players.


-GD- Cosmonaut 21 (2

-GD- Cosmonaut 21 (2.0 version) - By Me (Hard - Very Hard Demon)

The verification of Cosmonaut 21. Credits to Pennutoh.

(Mindfuck demon)

(Mindfuck demon)

The verification of Efetis Belis. Credits to Pennutoh.

-GD- My new demon - PainStep (Memory stuff) - By Painnutoh

-GD- My new demon - PainStep (Memory stuff) - By Painnutoh

The verification of PainStep. Credits to Pennutoh.

-GD- Excessive Compliment (Demon) - by me

-GD- Excessive Compliment (Demon) - by me

The verification of Excessive Compliment. Credits to Pennutoh.

-GD- My masterpiece, I think - Big Boom (Demon) - by me

-GD- My masterpiece, I think - Big Boom (Demon) - by me

The verification of Big Boom. Credits to Pennutoh.

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