Level Information
Creator Bryan1150
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 12017252
Last updated Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song Infernoplex
Composer Dimrain47

Rebellion is a hard and long demon created by Bryan1150. It is the first level in his unofficially titled "Level Remix" series, followed by Obscurum and Windswept Prospect.     

Description Edit

This level is quite special, as it incorporates the design of all 1.9 levels by FunnyGame, such as Rainbow Dust, Reincarnation, La Campanella, Another World, Revolution, Dreamer and Death Moon into some of its layouts. The result is a rather difficult (due to the high amount of moving obstacles) yet nostalgic demon.


There are 3 User Coins in the level.

  • The first coin is in the second ship part, which imitates Reincarnation. The coin is located at 23%. The player must hold right after the gravity portal. The player will then get the coin and teleport back.
  • The second coin is at 40%, from a section imitating La Campanella. In the last part of the mini UFO where there are many moving sawblades (this part imitates La Campanella). The sawblades will constantly rotate. The player must keep jumping to collect the coin and dodge the sawblades before moving to the next section.
  • The third coin is at 45%, and it will be a robot in a section imitating Dreamer. After jumping onto a small column, jump high to go into a passage, then jump again to get the coin hanging above.


  • GuitarHeroStyles crashed at 86% due to missing a jump orb (the one shown below).
    • Rebellion by Bryan1150 - Geometry Dash (Secret Way)

      Rebellion by Bryan1150 - Geometry Dash (Secret Way)

      Guitar's 86% fail. Credits to GuitarHeroStyles.

  • TheMeowingDog crashed at 89% due to his iPad not responding to his touch.
  • Andromeda crashed at 90% for clicking too fast.
  • Dz3sEr crashed at 91% due to releasing the wave just barely too soon.
  • 1CicL3 crashed at 81% in the new version due to clicking too early.

Trivia Edit

  • Here are the FunnyGame levels which design was used, in order of appearance:
  • This level has a boss fight at 67%.
  • Michigun found a secret way in the level and it was unrated, but Bryan1150 patched it and it was rated again.
  • Bryan1150 went on to adopt a similar idea in a Zobros tribute, "Obscurum"
  • The word "Rebellion" was meant to pair with "Revolution", given that both levels used the same song. Same thing to Obscurum/Luminum.
  • The level became impossible in 2.1 update. However, the creator, Bryan updated it by replacing some parts with 2.1 features and of course, made it possible to beat.


Geometry Dash - Rebellion by Bryan1150

Geometry Dash - Rebellion by Bryan1150

Credits to Bryan1150 for the video.


-2.1 Update- Rebellion by Bryan1150 (Verified by me) - Geometry Dash

Buffed version. Credits to Airswipe.