There are many levels with secret ways in Geometry Dash. These allow part of a level to be skipped, usually making the level easier than going the normal route.

Types of secret ways

A secret way can be intended or unintended.

• Unintended secret ways can involve skipping a portal to finish a level with a different form, often making it easier, like in Flappy Weird.

• Intended secret ways can involve making a way to fall to the top of the playing area, then placing a portal to make it so that you can fly to the end of the level easily. Some levels even show messages like "FREE STARS!" when you have reached the secret way. Usually, levels like this are usually hacked by hackers and are patched fairly quickly.

• Some levels also allow you to fall down from a particular point, allowing you to travel on the floor. These may be either intended or unintended, just like in Dimension Machine Theory of Everything in the last cube part (somewhere in the middle, you can jump between two saw-blades and fall to the ground, skipping the ball and ship sequence after. Sadly, this secret way is patched).

• Some secret ways are just trolls as the creators know players are hoping for such secret ways (Evil). It would be ultimately impossible to complete the level with secret way, just like in The Lightning Road, by Timeless (you can skip a gravity portal in an area where the music goes "upbeat," and fall to the floor, but at 88% you will come across an unavoidable wall and you will crash there.) This appears to be an unintentional secret way, due to the portal being very close to the platform. Also, in Heartbeat, there is an intentional secret way but it causes you to crash at 99%. In Can't Let Troll, the player can grab a secret way key that kills you at 98%. In Battle of the Shades, there is a secret way that kills the player at 40%, but sometimes hackers open it.

Demon Levels

Here are some demon levels with secret ways:

  • Yatagarasu (A unintentional secret way at 62% if you go up and avoid the jump pad that results in a crash at 99%)
  • Battle of the Shades (Phase 3) (An intentional secret way happens if you hold the ship at the top during the start, leading into a secret way with the ship. At 40%, the text “TROLLED” will appear, killing the player.)
  • Dear Nostalgists (An intentional Secret way in the area of the third user coin. if you jump and you're able to skip the jump pad, you'll be taken to the floor, but it makes you crash by an intentional with the words "NICE TRY.")
  • Hexagon Force v1 (This level's star value downgraded. You will see "FREE STARS!" when you enter the secret way, suggesting it was intentional.)
  • Ruined Planet (The secret way appeared to be intentional. When you reach it, you will see a series of numbers with pads to avoid. During the third series of numbers, hit the pad after "15" to enter the secret way ship portal.)
  • Swiftness (Patched)
  • Cosmos (Unnoticed by RobTop, still remains a Demon, and it is 1st place featured)
  • Cosmic Dreamer (Star value removed)
  • Castle (Secret way unnoticed by RobTop, still remains a Demon)
  • Climb Step (Secret way still remains and still remains a demon level, but the level has a bug at 36% which is impossible to complete on mobile)
  • Zirokabi (Has a secret way located at 40%, now updated to Insane Demon)
  • Demon on Track (Brought down to Insane, no stars, used to be Demon, 10 stars)
  • Over of Everything (Has been unrated recently)
  • Relativo (Became a free demon that causes its downgrade)
  • Figurative (Same as Relativo, became a free demon that causes its downgrade)
  • Phobos (Became a free demon, however was reverted and was unrated due to hacks, then reverified by Krazyman50)
  • Jawbreaker v2 (Has a secret way that was later patched and became a free demon that causes its downgrade)
  • Green Demon (Secret way for less than half of the level, getting back to the normal route is difficult though, still remains a demon)
  • Lake of Fire (An obvious secret way demon that was downgraded)
  • Cycles v2 S (Secret way at 35%)
  • Ice Carbon Zust (Secret way around 45%, nearly impossible to reach), but has now been removed because of the update. It still remains rated an insane demon.
  • AfterAirflow (Has two unintended secret ways that causes its downgrade and later was patched and its star value was later returned again)
  • Insane Club (Two obvious unintentional secret ways, was demon 1.9 and before)
  • Astronaut 13, Kill Stealer, Windy Monster (Level was hacked and deleted, star rating removed)
  • X, Evil, Platinum Adventure, Impulse, Infinite Circles v2 - Fake secret ways.
  • Haunted (Became a free demon but was later patched)
  • Fort Castle (Became a free demon but was later patched)
  • Heartbeat (Fake secret way that results in a crash at 99%. This secret way is intentional.)
  • Cosmic Calamity (At around 68% to 75%, there is an unintentional secret way that can be done by going through the gap between spikes. However, it got patched.)
  • Noxious Ruins II (Became a free demon but got patched)
  • In Ultimate Demon Mix there is a less known unintentional secret way. You can skip the cube portal at 22% and remain a wave, however you will die later because of a wall.
  • In WeoTheory after the dual mini cube segment and in the ship sequence, you can fly up but you will die at 98% but there is a way to complete the level using the secret way.