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Level Information
Creator JaoDay, DirisWan97, Soam, Temp, HoshiKido, Lemons, RoiMousti, Uneskandovae, ISanEGFW, YakobNugget, MindCap (host), Cairo, Jenkins, Surge, Juhou, Mactanow, Chlorines, Walroose, Helpegasus, Fufafac, iNubble, Lolwut, HJfod, Brittank88, and iPizza (Verified by Technical)
Difficulty Extreme Demon.png Extreme Demon
Stars 10Star.png
Level ID 51657783
Level version 1
Last updated in 2.1
Composer Dimrain47
Song Forsaken Neon
Newgrounds ID 32207
The official sequel to Gamma! Verified by Technical49.


Sigma is a 2.1 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration hosted by MindCap and verified by Technical.[1] It is the sequel to Gamma. It is currently #28 on the Official Geometry Dash Demon List, above Plasma Pulse Finale (#29) and below The Yandere (#27).


Sigma was first revealed to the public when MindCap released a teaser trailer of it on March 13, 2018, which revealed that it is the official sequel to Gamma.[2] Over a month later on April 28, he uploaded the second preview of the level, showcasing the incomplete gameplay.[3]


On May 20, Walroose released a video showcasing a layout for her part in the level, which featured fast-paced gameplay and rapid transitions.[4]


On June 28, Walroose uploaded a video showcasing her finished part in the level.[5]


On December 30, 2018, Technical49 achieved a devastating record of 95%.[6] Three days later, on January 2, 2019, Technical49 finally verified Sigma after 22,600 attempts and many deaths past 80%.[1]



  • 0-4% (Jaoday + DirisWan97): The level begins with a rather simple cube section containing easy timings. Next comes a very quick change of forms and the drop begins. This part is very simple and is basic-styled, using pulsations and luminescence.
  • 5-10% (Soam + Temp + HoshiKido):
  • 11-17% (Lemons):
  • 18-23% (RoiMousti + Uneskandovae): The drop is still ongoing, but the music becomes calmer. RoiMousti, as usual, tried effects inside natural spikes and glow. The difficulty is the same, and you will play as a spider, ship, cube, and wave.
  • 23-30% (ISanEGFW + YakobNugget): The music becomes faster, and the speed increases along with it. The gameplay is loaded with timings as a wave. The block design is made up of different blocks, which remotely resembles WOOGI-style.
  • 31-36% (MindCap + Cairo): A kind of respite after the drop. The speed on this segment of the level will be unstable, that is, change frequently. In addition to direct flights and several tricky timings, this part is not particularly difficult. The decoration here also resembles WOOGI-style, it is also noticeable that the creators used a lot of glow.
  • 37-40% (Jenkins): Here, the player prepares for the second drop. Now the player must clear an extremely difficult section which mainly consists of dual sections, only twice you do not have to play in the split mode. The main design feature is moving structures on top of the gameplay. ToshDeluxe supposedly beat Jenkins' unnerfed part when he was verifying, but he may have hacked this, as Jenkins' unnerfed part was frame perfect and almost impossible.
  • 41-47% (Surge): The player enters the energetic second drop. The sections are teeming with both timings and narrow spaces, especially on the wave, in addition to them there is also a complex asymmetric dual to the SuRge G part, and in addition to all of the above, the gameplay runs at quadruple-speed.
  • 48-56% (Juhou + Mactanow):
  • 57-65% (Chlorines):
  • 66-72% (Walroose):
  • 73-76% (Helpegasus):
  • 77-80% (Fufafac):
  • 81-84% (iNubble + Lolwut):
  • 85-100% (HJfod + Brittank88 + iPizza):


Player Percentage Date Total Attempts Link
Technical49 (Verifier) 100% January 2, 2019 22,600 YouTube
ventris 100% February 2, 2019 9,800 YouTube
Swiborg 100% April 27, 2019 26,908 YouTube
VoTcHi 100% May 25, 2019 14,293 YouTube
nSwish 100% August 30, 2019 ~10,500 YouTube
BrianTheBurger 100% September 28, 2019 6,905 YouTube
Seturan 100% October 9, 2019 10,701 YouTube


  • The password for the level is 772002.
  • The level contains 282,061 objects, being the sixth most object-dense rated Extreme Demon, surpassed only by Astral Divinity (294,785 objects) Cromulent (339,898 objects), Calculator Core (345,703 objects), Void Wave (365,923 objects), Freedom08 (372,011 objects), and followed by Glowy (269,435 objects).
  • It is the sequel to Gamma and the prequel to Omega.
  • The level was originally built to be harder than Bloodlust, but, as MindCap predicted, Technical49 nerfed the level to what was at the time ~ top 10-difficulty.
  • The level uses the entirety of the song, being one of the few Extreme Demons to do so.
  • In real life, Sigma (Σ,σ,ς) is the eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals, it has a value of 200.[7]
  • It was placed at #7 on the Official Demon List on March 28, 2019, above Yatagarasu (#8), and below Sonic Wave (#6).
  • It is the hardest level in The Greek Alphabet Trilogy, according to the Demonlist.



Geometry Dash - Sigma (Extreme Demon?) by MindCap and more - Verified by Me

The verification of Sigma. Credits to Technical.


Showcase- Sigma 100% by MindCap

Credits to Vitesse. This shows the full run of (unnerfed?) Sigma.



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