Silent Club
Level Information
Creator BlackP2sful (verified and published by SuperexGD)
Difficulty Insane Insane (Demon Demon before 1.9)
Stars 0Star (10 Star before 1.9)
ID 31181547
Last updated Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song Clubstep
Composer DJ-Nate

Not to be confused with Silent Clubstep.

Silent Club is a 1.6 Extreme Demon created by BlackP2sful, verified and published by Superex. This level is the first ever "Silent" level, it inspired many other impossible levels, including Silent Clubstep, and is also said to be one of the toughest levels in the game. It used to be an Extreme Demon, but in Update 2.1, it became completely impossible due to an orb glitch. However, SuperexGD decided to nerf some impossible parts to straight flying sessions, and later he verified the level.

On March 13, 2017, SuperexGD became the first person to have completed this notorious level after 7,015 attempts, and a horrible fail at 95%. Due to the previously stated orb bug, however, he decided to change most of the original orb spam parts to normal ship sequences.

History Edit

The creator of Silent Club was also the creator of Alphabet X and Twilight Step v2, two top five demons at one time. BlackP2sful was one of the many mysterious Korean creators of the GW Forums. It is said that Silent Club was inspired by Clubstep, while Alphabet X was inspired by Electroman Adventures. Silent Club was released in April 2014, and blew everyone in the community away. It had a very early use of orb spam and straight fly, and the design was incredible for the time being. This level went alongside Ice Carbon Diablo X and Stereo Demoness. But, it was soon realized that Silent Club was a hacked level. Cyclic was the one who brought attention to this. Many people revered this level, although Zobros said that this level is only hard in the first half, so it must have been not as hard as the community thought.

Trivia Edit

  • This level has a now impossible to reach secret way.
    • It works like this, according to Cyclic: When you click on the orb physics on practice mode before switching to practice mode, it causes the player to go up and enter the secret way for no reason whatsoever.
    • The level was unrated shortly after Cyclic's video.
  • AirSwipe rebirthed the level for RpgRaketti under "Hushed Halls", who currently has on-and-off progress on it.
  • The creator is better known as Play 1107696, his name during 1.8.

Walkthrough Edit