Not to be confused with Silent Club by Player 1107696, another old impossible level, and Silentium Gradas, Silent Clubstep's remake made by Stormfly.

Silent Clubstep
Level Information
Creator Sailent
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0Star
ID 4125776
Last updated in 1.8
Level version 1
Song name Clubstep
Play song None
Composer DJ-Nate
Song ID N/A

Silent Clubstep is a 1.8 impossible level created and verified with the use of hacks, by Sailent. It is one of the most famous impossible levels in Geometry Dash history. This is attributed to its use of tight spaces, four spike jumps, insane blue orb spam, and a slew of difficulty to maneuver obstacles. The level is at present deemed humanly possible; however, it is not physically impossible, with various players having beaten the level in Practice Mode, Like Zobros (974 attempts) and Sunix (495 attempts). There is VERY slightly nerfed remake called Silent Clubstep X.


The level begins with a cube section with a four-spike jump through the mouth of a demon, which then brings the player to a speed portal that makes them the slowest speed possible, where you would then have to jump over a huge spike made up of many different spikes and cubes. The player would then be thrown into the air and will have to hit a single gravity orb, which launches them into a "spam-orb" section, which, as of 1.9, is very much impossible to pass in one go. The player is then divided into two cubes and must jump over many invisible spikes while "screen-switch" portals are constantly twisting up the screen. The player is then brought to an impossible straight-flying section that involves been turned upside-down and backward followed by a short auto cube section. The player is brought underneath the last part and gets sent to a tricky ball part with tough timing where the player must try to hit the yellow orbs to survive. After that orb masking ball part, the player gets thrown up to a very tough UFO section, with many "screen-switch" portals, speed changes and gravity portals. Then the player will be put into a nearly impossible mini ship straight flying sequence, with ridiculously tight spaces and a pitch black background change. After that, there will be a ball segment with some difficult timings and memorization, followed by a cube section where it just requires muscle memory and timings.

Next is a mixed dual mode, with a cube and ball section. After that, there is a mini-ball with many mirror portals and speed changes. After that is a mini cube section with a series of four-spike jumps before a mini-ship section follows. The player then goes into the last section of the level: a memory cube section. The level then ends.


Level facts

  • This level is most likely inspired by another impossible level called Silent Club.
  • In 1.9, Sailent created a buffed and extended remake of this level called Sailent Clubstar. It uses the full song,
  • Because of Update 2.0, Nautilus2k (who is Sailent) made a new account for all of Sailent's levels and transferred all the levels there. The author's name changed to SuperNautilus so many people considered the level deleted.
    • Although the most popular copy of Silent Clubstep is uploaded by Sailence, this is not the original. This copy is slightly nerfed yet still not verified legitimately.
  • This used to be one of the most disliked levels of Geometry Dash.

Possibilities of completion of the level

  • Surprisingly, nearly half of this level is possible and can be mastered rather easily.
    • This means that the level could be possible. However, some parts like the beginning and the two gravity orb spam segments, or even the triple speed mixed dual segment towards the end of the level would need to be nerfed.
  • The easiest part of Silent Clubstep is considered to be 79-100% since it is "only" a block maze where you have to get to a hole in a wall.
    • This block maze at the end once had a huge wall that could only be passed by doing an incredibly difficult, but possible jump over the very top of it. Luckily, this has been removed.
  • A player by the name of ERROR! discovered a way to pass the first ball part.[1]
  • A player by the name of Convindix found a way to easily pass the infamous dual part at 63%. The way to perform this is to hit the second to last jump orb late and then not hit the third jump orb. This allows you to play the section as a single ball at normal speed, therefore making the section a lot easier.[2]


  • Zobros was the first person to beat this level in practice mode while recording.[3]
  • Sunix completed this level in practice mode in 495 attempts.[4]
  • As of now, the only people that have "completed" this level in normal mode have used cheats to beat it.
  • Sea1997 has uploaded a video pondering over the question if Silent Clubstep would ever be verified.[5] He takes on the difficulty, likely remakers, and verifers in the video.
  • Stormfly has created and verified a redecorated, yet slightly nerfed version called Silentium Gradas.
    • It was verified on May 11, 2018, and rated some months later, in November 2018.[6]
  • ZorroZ Zet made a speed-hacked and cut walkthrough of the level.
  • Vitnesse (a user known for his GDBot showcases) uploaded an April Fools video in 2019 stating he verified the original version after a fictitious three-year journey (starting from late 1.9) caused by a viewing of ZorroZ Zet's video with 635,000 attempts, as a follow-up to his Orochi video.[7]


Silent Clubstep 100% (HAX)

Silent Clubstep 100% (HAX)

Credit to ZorroZ Zet. This video shows the full walkthrough of Silent Clubstep. (Note that this gameplay is speed-hacked)