The Silent Levels (also known as the Impossible Levels) are the custom levels in-game which difficulty is far beyond the player's own skills and abilities. Despite being known as 'Silent' levels, these levels are either near-on physically impossible or humanly impossible. Near-on physically impossible levels are the type of silent levels which are only possible with cheats but can be passed in practice mode, while the humanly impossible are the ones that are extremely impossible, most of them involves around extremely tight spaces, sheer difficulty, block mazes, confusing path, and bugs.

Most Silent Levels are verified by secret ways (an example is Silent Club), while some are being verified by speed-hacking, no-clip, or using mod menus, and others are verified by simply altering the game's files. However, due to Update 2.0's speed-hack patch, it is impossible to verify an impossible level with it. Therefore, using mod menus, no-clip, or file altering are the only ways nowadays.

The only Silent levels to ever be beaten legitimately are SilentFunk (achieved by GeometryJosh on 21 September 2016[1] and SrGuillester[2]), IceClub (achieved by DuaL KiKi on September 28th, 2016), Sakupen Hell (achieved by TrusTa on August 14th, 2016[3]), and Hate War Fix Ver (achieved by Atomic on 1 January 2018[4]). > Superex verified his own nerfed version of Silent Club on March 13th, 2017, which remains unrated for now.


The origin of the Silent levels began in a simple 1.6 unregistered creator named as Play 1107696, who was the creator of the notorious level named Alphabet X, an Insane Demon which was first beaten by Zobros back in May 2015. He has also uploaded a level called Silent Club, an extremely hard and near-impossible Clubstep remake, hence the name. The level was used to be rated Demon, however, until Cyclic found a hard-to-reach secret way in the level, which caused it to be downgraded. After then, a player by the name of Sailent, aka Nautilus2k, has started his own career of making Silent levels. He has created several impossible levels including Deadly Clubstep v2, Silent Clubstep, etc. As time goes by, a few creators decided to release their own impossible levels, such as the infamous Death Corridor.

In 1.9, the player known as RoadMC2 or Roadbose created an insanely difficult silent level known as Deadly Silent Club. This level introduced insane wave spam, which is impossible in Normal Mode without using an auto.

Silent levels have become popular once again since Cyrillic and Sailent released a collaboration during Update 2.0 called Silent Circles, which is an impossible Nine Circles remake. This level also used introduced insane wave spam.


Silent Level designs vary depending on their creator's choice. Some were Nine Circles and/or a Hell-themed style. Some are extremely dark that it's almost impossible to see what was going on. Most older Silent levels, like Silent Club, were simply Clubstep-styled.

List of Silent Levels

Please help contribute into this list by adding a few more levels. A more exhaustive list can be found here, the silent levels being in the categories >1.

This is the chronological list of all the Silent Levels published. Please note that levels like Very Easy and Red World (which are both impossible due to a bug) are excluded from this list.

Level Creator(s) Song Used Update Released
Heaven and Hell GWRoadMc2 Dry Out by DJVI 1.4-5?
Silent Club Play 1107696 Clubstep by DJ-Nate 1.6
Deadly Clubstep v2 Nautilus2k Clubstep by DJ-Nate 1.7
Silent Clubstep Nautilus2k Clubstep by DJ-Nate 1.8
Sailent Clubstar Nautilus2k Clubstep by Dj-Nate 1.9
The Big Black Nautilus2k The Big Black by The Quick Brown Fox 1.9
SilentFunk Nautilus2k Clutterfunk by Waterflame 1.9?
Satanic Clubstep Spitfire Clubstep by Dj-Nate 1.9
River Styx EnemyMOABS Clubstep by Dj-Nate 1.9
Sakupen Circles Nick24 Iron God: Sakupen Hell Yes RMX by mr-jazzman 1.9
Deadly Silent Club GWRoadMc2 Clubstep by Dj-Nate 1.9
Silent Circles Cyrillic and Sailent Supernova by Xtrullor 2.0
Sonic Wave V2 Hilo Sonic Blaster by F-777 2.0
Satans Circles Zeb Sweet Dreams FULL by Rukkus 2.0
Ultra Sonic Wave Shia Labeef Sonic Blaster by F-777 2.0
Death Corridor (Old) KaotikJumper Code Red by Dr. Phonics 1.9/2.0
Slaughterhouse IcedCAVE Stalemate by Kayoszx 2.0
Silent Processing ArsAlx Blast Processing by Waterflame 2.0
Silent Poltergeist Cyrillic Poltergeist (Old Mix) by Rukkus 2.0
Realm of Bloodshadow GDMiracle At the Speed of Light by Dimrain47 2.0
Haunted Corridor KaotikJumper and more Death Factory by ET16 2.0
AfterCataBath Zimnior12 At The Speed of Light by Dimrain47 2.0
Doomed Circles TexTim Iron God: Sakupen Hell Yes RMX by mr-jazzman 2.0
Silentlocked Player Stalemate by Kayoszx 2.0
Silent Circles II Cyrillic (and more) Nine Circles Xtrullor Remix by Xtrullor 2.0
Silent Skrillex IIIAxiomIII My Name Is Skrillex Remix by Cethic 2.0
Final Destination TheChaotic I Got No Time by The Living Tombstone 2.0
Bakemonogitari HuukoGD {Phobos}* by Solkrieg 2.0
Silent Circles XII NeuraxRussia Supernova by Xtrullor 2.0
Death Anthem GeoNinjaX17 Windfall - by TheFatRat 2.0
Stale 275099 KzX - Stalemate by Kayoszx 2.1
Ice Factory Convindix Clubstep by Dj-Nate 2.1
The Fallen Realm (WIP) Convindix, OperationZero, EpicerGaming The Falling Mysts by Dimrain47 2.1-?



  • A lot of people debate if some old levels like Silent Club are possible. Many people say it is possible, but extremely hard. However, nobody has beaten them without hacking so far.
  • Cyrillic created a possible version of Silent Circles named Supernova Circles. It was rated demon, but got unrated in less than ten minutes, because the creator was known for hacking levels.
  • Silent/Impossible Levels used to be thing not so common, but now since Silent Circles is became really common.
  • GeometryJosh Managed to verify the unnerfed version of SilentFunk legit.[1] Then SrGuillester verified a redecorated version of it.[2]