Skullo is a skilled American player in Geometry Dash known for the completion of many Extreme Demons, most notably being the first Bloodlust victor (albeit with the FPS bypass).[1] On July 28, 2018, he announced that he was quitting the game out of lack of motivation and planned on pursuing new content. In January, 2019, he uploaded a series of progress videos and beat multiple extreme demons before becoming inactive once again. On his Twitter account he explained his final thoughts on the game and retrospective feelings towards the community, stating he's "done with the game forever now." Unsurprisingly, he has come back again.

Skullo was once the set verifier for the buffed rebirth of Phobos, named Deimos, on which he achieved a best of 81% on December 15, 2017. After quite a long time of not making any further progress on the level, Skullo heavily buffed the level and jokingly hack-verified it on June 11, 2018. In the video's description, he said he gave up on it and announced he was giving up on Geometry Dash in general.

The verification has since been passed on to npesta, who verified it on February 18, 2019.[2] It currently stands at #4 on the Official Geometry Dash Demon List as of October 24, 2019.

As of October 22, 2019, Skullo is attempting to rebeat the level and currently has a record of 85% on stream. He is also currently active in the game again and verified a low-tier Extreme Demon called "John Long Silver" by EndLevel on October 14, 2019.

After his comeback, he has also beaten levels such as: Digital Descent, Spacial Rend, Titan Complex, BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB, WOW, Ancestral Calamity Extinction and Ziroikabi.


Unrated Levels

  • extreme demon
  • GucciBus - A pink and blue version of Erebus.
  • Obsolete Cancer
  • Old Cataclysm - The original, 1.9 version of Cataclysm.
  • Retention 144Hz ver - A fixed version of Retention for 144Hz users.
  • shitty black blizzar - A version of Black Blizzard without any decoration.
  • Straighter
  • Ultra wave chal easy - A simple wave challenge level.
  • Unnerfed Paracosm - The original, unnerfed version of Paracosm Circles.
  • Deimos - A more decorated, buffed and unnerfed version of Phobos.[3] (He was one of the verifiers, but hacked the level blatantly. Deimos has now been verified legitimately by Npesta.)


  • He got 98% on Bloodlust on March 6,[4] but he beat it the day after, being the first to do so.
  • He rose to popularity after becoming one of the first players to beat Yatagarasu.
  • Sea made a joke G-News video on April Fools Day, in which he pointed out Skullo's voice change, which it has now been all-but-confirmed that he merely hit puberty and was, in fact, not kidnapped.


(Verified by me) Sublime Sacrifice by Motu - Skullo

(Verified by me) Sublime Sacrifice by Motu - Skullo

The verification of Sublime Sacrifice. Credits to Skullo.


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