Solar Circles
20160520 183736
Level Information
Creator D4rkGryf
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 10972106
Song (J) Solar Wind
Composer Jumper

Solar Circles is an orange colored Nine Circles level created by D4rkGryf. This level is currently rated as a Medium Demon. However, it is widely considered to be more or less a very easy demon, despite the amount of tricks. Its difficulty is on par with Fear Me and Fractured Circles. This level is slightly detailed with sun-like decorations but has quite a somewhat classical design. Unlike the majority of Nine Circles Levels, it features an electronic-dance song instead of a traditional dubstep song.


The level starts with a moderately difficult cube segment in half speed that features numerous fake lines and troll jump rings to try and throw off the player. This part requires decent memorisation. Next, the player enters a normal speed ship sequence with a handful of simple tricks. Afterwards, the player enters a fairly easy ball segment with few tricks. Then, the music drops and the player enters the traditional triple speed Nine Circles wave segment. This wave section presents fairly easy parts to the player alternated with slightly harder parts. The level does not require too many mashing skills, but focuses more on reflexes due to somewhat awkward timing. The two dual parts (mixed sizes and normal) may be considered the hardest parts of the entire level. Afterwards, there is a quite tricky cube segment, like the first one. After the creator's name, the level ends.


  • This is the last demon ever created in 1.9.
  • D4rkGryf himself is the creator of two other Nine Circles levels: Robotic Wave (easier remake of Sonic Wave, deleted) and the unstarred Solar Circles XII (obviously inspired by Nine Circles XII).
  • Some dance songs, like Solar Wind, sync with the level. Examples are "Summer Breeze" by Foreverbound and "Dance of the Violins" by F-777 (with a 29.5 seconds cut).


NINE CIRCLES SOLAR! Geometry Dash -2

NINE CIRCLES SOLAR! Geometry Dash -2.0- (Demon) - Solar Circles by D4rkGryf - GuitarHeroStyles

Credit to GuitarHeroStyles.