Level Information
Creator AirSwipe (Verified by Brandon Larkin)
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 18716963
Song Your Best Nightmare (Rmx) Loop
Composer Djjaner

Soulless is an Undertale-themed Hard Demon level created by AirSwipe and verified by Brandon Larkin.


The level starts with Flowey the Flower from Undertale saying "You IDIOT, You haven't learnt a thing, In this world, Its KILL or BE KILLED", Flowey's face the proceed to change into a more distorted face and then starts laughing. After 20% the player will get teleported to a short wave part with a boss fight similar to that of -Sirius- by FunnyGame with the face of Flowey flashing in red in the background. At 25%, the floor and roof moves towards the middle to make a 2-block space where a mini ship part starts with a tiny straight flying part. At 30%, the floor and roof are moved back and a new 1-block space straight flying part begins followed by gravity portals with yellow orbs in them creating a tricky timing. At 35% starts a mini wave part with "spike balls" that the player has to dodge. At 49% starts a robot part where the player has to jump in gravity portals and sometimes touch an orb in order to dodge spikes coming from the ground and roof. At 64% there is a swingcopter part with some tight spaces, after that the player changes into normal mode for a brief moment, while the text "Call for help, I dare you." is displayed. At 75%, a normal speed wave part starts. At 78%, the player will get double speed and mini mode with some tight spaces. At 80%, the player becomes normal size and gets normal speed again for a short moment. At 82% the player once again gets mini mode and this time a triple speed with the same width of the spaces as in 78-80%. At 87%, the player gets back to normal speed and size. At 89%, the player enters dual mode with mini mode and triple speed. At 91%, the player keeps its speed and enters a cube section with a green orb followed by a yellow one. After this. At 94% the player enters a final straight fly ship. At 97% you can see Flowey smiling and the text "It was fun to play with you. We should do that again." It also says "Soulless by AirSwipe. GG! Verified by Brandon Larkin."



  • There is a small secret at 64% which makes the player skip the ball segment.


-KILL OR BE KILLED- Soulless by AirSwipe (me) -Verified by BrandonLarkin- - Geometry Dash -Demon?-

-KILL OR BE KILLED- Soulless by AirSwipe (me) -Verified by BrandonLarkin- - Geometry Dash -Demon?-

Credits to AirSwipe