Not to be confused with the player iSparki, or the Demon level iSparki which was created by AutoNick.

Level Information
Creator PotatoBaby
Difficulty Easy Demon Easy Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 31076618
Last updated in 2.1
Level version 1
Song name Little Flame
Play song None
Composer Lethalix
Song ID 717459

Spark is a 2.1 Easy Demon created by PotatoBaby. It was the third Weekly Demon. The level is often considered as an Insane-worthy level or a Very Easy Demon.


The level begins with a decently easy cube section. At 14%, the level transitions into a slow-paced half-speed ship sequence that briefly turns mini before transitioning into a harder half-speed wave part. At 25%, a much faster-paced and more difficult spider section occurs, followed by a long break during the buildup to the drop. At the drop, the level's name flashes and the player transitions into a short but tricky triple-speed UFO segment. After a tricky ship part, a very difficult dual cube section occurs, followed by a very brief ball part and a spider dual right after.

A short but tight wave section, UFO segment, and double-speed auto cube come right after as the music slows down. When the music speeds up, the player is met with another hard triple-speed UFO segment. An easier cube and ball segment follows, with a brief spider part, short ship part, dual mini-ball, and dual cube section coming right afterward. Following a break, the player transitions into a triple-speed wave segment with a boss fight. Here, the player must use a lot of spamming and maneuvering to avoid lasers and obstacles. The level ends with the end screen.

User Coins

  • The first user coin is at 23% and is triggered by a key at 6%. The player must avoid clicking on a green orb, fall down below the ground and jump over a spike to obtain the key. During the half-speed mini-wave part, a part of an obstacle will open up, leaving the coin wide open for the player to obtain.
  • The second user coin is at 59% and is triggered by a key at 55%. During the brief triple-speed wave part, the player must go into a tight corridor inside of an obstacle to obtain the key. Later, during the transition when the player is supposed to be in an auto cube, the player must hit a dash orb that will lead him/her to the area where the coin is.
  • The third and final user coin is located at 97% and can only be attained when the two other coins are successfully collected.


  • The password for the level is 424569.
  • The level has 27,065 objects.
  • The level was made for Viprin's 8th Creator Contest and Zober's 2nd Creator Contest.
  • The level is PotatoBaby's first rated Demon.
  • The level is PotatoBaby's most popular, with over 1.6 Million Downloads.



-2.1- SPARK (demon, 3 coins) - PotatoBaby

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