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Creator Glittershroom, Jeyzor, Sumsar, Xcy7, DaddePro, Evasium, Ggb0y, ZenthicAlpha (publisher), and Viprin
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 4706930
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
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Composer F-777
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Not to be confused with Subsonic, another Demon collaboration by the same team of creators.

'Supersonic' is a 1.9 Hard Demon created by Glittershroom, Jeyzor, Sumsar, Xcy7, DaddePro, Evasium (labelled as Tootti in the level), Ggb0y, ZenthicAlpha, and Viprin. It was considered among the most difficult levels of its time, with memorization-heavy ball, cube, and UFO sections, moderately tight ship and wave sequences scattered throughout the level, and its notoriously difficult and annoying final ship sequence at the very end of the level. It is considered to be a very hard demon due to its length, at around a minute and a half long, and its unbalanced difficulty in which certain parts that are much harder than others which often leaves the player overwhelmed, especially when they first practice the level.


0-6% (Glittershroom): The level starts with a double speed ship sequence full of invisible blocks and saw-blades. It is considered very simple, due to the relatively open spaces between the invisible spikes, blocks, and saw-blades. Memorization immediately begins here, as the player must memorize where these obstacles are due to their brief appearance before they are invisible. The player needs to fly upwards into the first gravity portal, which will then cause an up-side down ship. The player must balance the ship, keeping it away from invisible obstacles. The player then enters the second gravity portal that will cause the ship to turn right-side up, again keeping the ship away.

6-18% (Jeyzor): Next, the player enters a double speed wave segment that features relatively wide open passages with two fake ones and a color-changing block design. The player must click repeatedly before taking the first route with the 'X' marked onto it, since taking the bottom will cause the wave to crash into an invisible wall of rectangular blocks, which adds more to the need to memorize the level. The player must then click repeatedly again to keep the wave from crashing, and must then descend downwards and therefore away from the second route that is marked 'X', as an invisible wall exists in the route. The player must then click repeatedly before descending (with no fake routes) and a final click into the mini UFO section that consists of a very dense area of invisible sawblades. The player must enter the first gravity portal in which the player will then turn upside down. The player must click repeatedly, but not too quickly to ensure a safe entry into the second gravity portal. The UFO switches gravity four times later, in which the player must memorize the timing for the UFO. There are a variety of ways to do the timings in the UFO section that the player can memorize - there is not strictly one way to complete the UFO timing-wise. EricVanWilderman displays his timings orally in this video when practicing the UFO (0:56 is the time in the video),[1] while GuitarHeroStyles uses different timings for the UFO here, in which the clicks are fairly audible (0:16 is the time in the video).[2]

18-26% (Sumsar): If the correct UFO path is taken, the player will enter a cube portal which starts Sumsar's part. The player enters a double speed cube section and will have to jump over an invisible quadruple spike immediately, and must then wait for the cube to bounce from the yellow jump pad. The cube can either drop onto a platform slightly below the first platform the cube is on before jumping to the third, or the cube can time the jump from the first platform late, which will land the cube onto the third platform. The player must jump immediately from the third into a blue jump ring, which will deflect the cube upwards into two jump rings. The player must choose the blue jump ring that is at the very top, as choosing the yellow jump ring before it will land the cube into a sawblade (that is not invisible). The cube, after being deflected from the second blue jump ring, must then decide between two yellow jump rings. The former of the two jump rings will cause the cube to crash into a sawblade, so the player should choose the latter of the two, which will then land them into a mini ball. The mini ball involves choosing the correct jump rings. The player is faced with two options - either proceed to the yellow jump pad, or the blue jump ring. The player would choose the blue jump ring as the yellow jump pad has an invisible spike that will kill the player before the yellow jump pad is even touched. The player must then ignore the yellow jump ring (as it will crash the cube into a sawblade). It is possible for the player to choose the yellow jump ring and the ball will be able to fly between an extremely tight space between the two sawblades, however, since this is not supposed to be the case, extreme timing is required for such a situation. The player should (after the blue jump ring) press two jump rings. The first of the two must be clicked late in 144Hz, however it must be clicked early in 60Hz, as attempting to hit it late in 60Hz will almost never be the case due to less space to click. The player reaches a slope that will propel them in an upside down arch towards a blue jump ring. This, in both hertzes, must be hit late because hitting it early will cause the ball to fly into a wall from another slope. This other slope will not send the ball as high vertically if the ring is hit late. The player should then go through a relatively tight space between two spikes, one of which from a pillar facing downwards from the ceiling. The player would have successfully completed the ball, and will transition into the normal ball, which is Xcy7's part.

Xcy7: Midway through Sumsar's ball, the player switches to normal size. The timings play more of a role in Xcy7's part, as every jump ring must be hit late (in both hertzes). The player has a choice between three jump rings. The first two balls will bounce the player into an altar of spikes, while the third (the blue jump ring) will send the ball into two options. The former will bounce the player into a wall (that isn't invisible). The last will send the ball into a part where the player must repeatedly tap the. However, if the player hits this last yellow jump ring early, repeatedly tapping is appropriate, but if the player hits the last jump ring late, the timing is far more strict and the player must repeatedly tap the button in a spaced out manner. The ball will then fall into a wave portal. The following wave segment contains moderately tight spaces. Here, the player must maneuver through an "M" shaped corridor, which then opens up the player to the rest of the wave section. The player must hold for the wave to go upwards, avoiding both visible and invisible sawblades, and then let go at the right time for the wave to travel through two diagonal pillars that make a small space through which the player must go. The rest of the wave, like the mini UFO, can also be done in different ways. EricVanWilderman shows how he figured out how to complete the rest of the wave section here (1:57),[1] and Temporum's video shows how he completes the wave (0:29).[2] Notice the differences in wave movements once the wave reaches its heights in the sudden high density of sawblades. At the end of the wave, the player must travel through a small corridor of the wave before reaching the cube portal.The player will transition into the cube, in which the player has to jump over an extended triple spike into a ship. It is possible to completely evade the cube portal though - the player must hold whilst the wave is in between the corridor and the portal, and let go once the wave has gone above the portal. The wave will be resting on the ground. The triple spike, which the player usually has to jump over the triple spike whilst the cube suddenly slows down, will not kill the wave once it's on the ground because the wave completely evaded the cube, which usually sends the screen downwards for extra obstacles to appear, but the screen does not move if the player doesn't touch the portal. The player must lightly touch the wave before entering a ship portal as there will be a sawblade between the ship portal and the wave. The wave will transition into a ship, but the ship's speed will not change due to the complete avoidance of the speed change, so the player must still successfully attempt a straight fly, but for a shorter amount of time, which makes this alternate method easier than the normal route, since in the normal route consists of jumping over the extended triple spike whilst the speed change occurs can be awkward for the player, and must then transition into a ship sequence.

DaddePro: The aforementioned triple spike will have to be jumped over, with a sudden speed change which can determine whether the player has successfully jumped over the spike or not, which makes the triple spike difficult and awkward to jump over. If the player has jumped over the triple spike successfully, the cube will transition into a ship. The ship sequence consists of small triple spikes on pillars and sawblades on ceilings that the player must straight fly through. If done successfully, the ship will transition back into a cube. The next cube section has a slightly difficult jump, as the player cannot take too long to jump as a spike is placed horizontally from the wall, in which the bottom of the spike touches the wall. The player must jump earlier whilst on the spike for a moment to land, and must then hold the button as they jump onto two smaller pillars into another ship. This ship sequence features spaces more tight than the one before. The player must slowly fly upwards along the corridor then downwards for a longer portion of the corridor. The ship should then fly slightly upwards to avoid a crash at the very bottom of the corridor despite the slight opening before the wave portal.

The ship transitions into a three times speed wave in which the player has to quickly follow the corridor of the wave, before transitioning into a mini wave. The player cannot hold the button immediately as they transition, as it is likely that they will crash into either the wall before the sawblades that are on the wall, or the sawblades themselves. The player will then have to hold once the mini wave is at the top (the player should keep holding for the mini wave once it's at the ceiling) before descending into a reverse normal wave, in which the player should adjust their timings according to the different corridor pattern of this second normal wave unlike the first one. The player will then transition into a moderately difficult ship sequence. Here, the player must immediately but steadily fly upwards into the first gravity portal, and at this point the player must hold again for the ship to avoid the wall at the ceiling. The player, while upside down, must then straight fly slightly downwards into the normal gravity portal, which transitions the ship into a mini ship. The mini ship will then transition into a dual mini cube.

Evasium (Tootti): The dual-mini cube involves invisible platforms and fake jump rings for both of the cubes. Since this section of the level is among the hardest to explain, there is a sound queue that can be used in Temporum's video as help for anyone who is practicing this section: (0:51). The cube section involves holding for certain parts of the section to aid one cube for a jump ring and another cube for jumping over invisible spikes. This part is very hard.

The dual mini-ball is slightly less complex. The player must click late to hit the two yellow jump rings, and then clicking three times for the three blue jump rings. After hitting another yellow jump ring, the player has to click for the ball at the top to touch the first platform as well as the ball at the bottom. The player must then click twice for the bottom ball to hit the left of the blue jump ring at the bottom, which will cause the top ball to fly over head, but the player must click again (whilst the top ball is still in the air) for the bottom ball to avoid a sawblade. The click will also cause the top ball to hit a yellow jump ring. The player should finally click the four final yellow jump rings (two on both sides) early in avoidance of the two sawblades between those jump rings, which will transition into a mini ship. Many people think that this ball is luck, although it is just extremely hard timing.

There is a certain rule when it comes to the transition into Ggboy's ship. If the inverted ball (that is, the ball that has the background color as its foreground color) is at the top, the player must click lightly for the ship, as the ship will be more sensitive to the click since the inverted ball is at the top. If the normal ball is at the top, the player must hold after the last two jump rings for a short amount of time before reaching the ship, since the ship will be less sensitive to the click if the normal ball is the one at the top. Since not many players know this rule, this transition seems buggy and inconsistent to many.

Ggb0y: The player has to avoid any purple spikes distributed across Ggboy's ship sequence. Fakes are distributed to psychologically trip the player up and force them to adjust their flying well. The player travels through a gravity portal. From there, the player can then either chose to hit the ground with the ship or straight fly, the latter being the more popular option. GuitarHeroStyles's video shows him hitting the ship onto the ground and then letting go of the button immediately to avoid the spikes here: (1:09), while EricVanWilderman prefers to straight fly, as explicitly stated by him in this video: (4:56)

ZenthicAlpha: The player then enters a double-speed wave. There are many size portals which makes the wave alternate between normal and mini size. The normal size waves at the start do not contain as many strokes excluding the last normal size wave. The first mini wave is simple enough. The second mini wave requires different strokes, and in the middle of the mini wave section, the player can either hold at the top of the wave, or continue with the strokes. After the last normal size wave, the player will transition into a memorisation cube section.

Viprin: Finally, the player switches to a memorization ball. There are many fake blocks which look the same as the real blocks and the player must land on the right ones similar to the ball in Theory of Everything 2. It is possible to tell the difference if the player is not playing in low detail mode, but the fake blocks look exactly the same as the real ones if the player is playing in low detail mode. After that is a very fast-paced cube with many hard orb timings. The player must choose the blue jump ring of two other jump rings, and must then quickly click twice for the pink and blue jump rings, and must then jump immediately as they land to avoid the spikes. The player must then click as they are halfway through the jump rings and the portals, and then press immediately for the yellow jump ring in a blue gravity portal. The player then enters one last ship sequence. Arguably, this is one of the most difficult parts of the level, as the player must quickly maneuver through an abundance of invisible sawblades, reminiscent of the invisible obstacles at the start of the level, and with this abundance are gravity portals that can be very easily overshot and can kill the player. Once the player has completed the final ship sequence, the level ends.



  • A few people crashed at the last ball part, and many people also crashed at the last ship part, the most severe ones were AleXPain24, Riot, and Merg, who all crashed at 98%.
  • The level has a sequel called Ultrasonic, an Insane Demon that was made by the same team of Supersonic excluding DaddePro.
  • ZenthicAlpha re-verified the level with a coin update, which was later removed from the level.
  • This is the only level in the series "Sonic", in the title of which the word "sonic" is written with a small letter.
  • It is possible to crash at 99%, as shown in this video: Supersonic 99%, however the video is a run of ZenthicAlpha's part to that percentage.
  • Supersonic is the one of the first mega-collaborations in Geometry Dash.


Geometry Dash - Supersonic -DEMON- - By- ZenthicAlpha (On Stream)

Geometry Dash - Supersonic -DEMON- - By- ZenthicAlpha (On Stream)

Credits to Riot.


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