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Country United States (Ohio)
Age Unknown
Levels 62 (45 starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position 50777 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]
Sweetdude is a North American player and creator in Geometry Dash. His real name is Sam. He made the series of Super Mario Bros, imitating the levels of this game, and he ended the series with Syobon Action 1, 2 and 3. His levels usually feature a black background with colored objects, glow stars, crystals and moving neon objects with the use of blending. He is also known for using very weird songs, like 'Manray!' or 'Secret Box', usually remixes of the songs of video games or cartoons. He created two levels that compare Geometry Dash with The Impossible Game: these levels features two songs that both the games have in common.

Levels Edit

  • Starred levels
    • Nyan Cat Time
    • Super Mario Bros
    • Ultra Christmas
    • Pacman
    • Lost Woods
    • The Show Off
    • Geo Vs Impossible
    • Necromancer
    • Konton Nihon
    • Fireflies
    • Eye of the Tiger
    • Super Mario Bros 2
    • Super Mario Bros 3
    • With you tonight
    • Before Mydnite
    • Chemical Bath
    • Super Mario Bro Xmas
    • Pixel Love
    • Super Mario Bros 4
    • I am Dr-Mario
    • Energy Drunk
    • Illusion
    • Lavender Town
    • Phazd
    • Ufo adventure
    • Dat Secret Box
    • Bloody Storm
    • Zeldas Lullaby
    • Super Mario Bros 5
    • SpookyScarySkeletons
    • Can can you run
    • MidNight
    • Lost Woods 2
    • Very Early Christmas
    • Chaoz Airflow
    • Time for Basics
    • To the Happypark
    • Super Mario Bros 6
    • Enter a new Forest
    • Syobon Action
    • Dumb Ways to Die
    • Super Mario Bros 7
    • MANRAY
    • Syobon Action 2
    • Melody
  • Unrated levels
    • Split up
    • Neonagon
    • Around the world
    • 12000
    • Forbidden
    • Cave story
    • Nyan cat time CRAZY
    • Nyan cat time Again
    • Geo VS Impossible 2
    • Fazbear necessities
    • SOC Demo
    • The Power Of China
    • Are You Ready Demo
    • Are You Ready
    • One Spicy Meatball
    • Syobon Action 3 Demo
    • Syobon Action 3

Trivia Edit

  • Despite his long experience in Geometry dash and his 2641 stars, he has still completed 7 demons so far.
  • His first rated 2.0 level is Syobon Action.
  • The Sweetdude Effect is named after him. This effect occurs when RopTop rates a level by a famous person that people generally believe should not be rated because it does not live up to the standards of levels in the given time period it was made in.
  • He's hated by a lot of people in the community, such as Etzer. This is because his levels don’t take a lot of effort, don’t look very good, and are more or less the same as each other.