Shouldn't we get a say in the demonlist?

Who agrees with me that there should be a more democratic approach on the demonlist? I think that many have opinions on how the list should be ordered, and those opinions aren't being heard. So who wants to start a petition that the demonlist should have a more democratic approach? This talk is for specifically opinions on how we will convince list moderators to let outside players to help order the demonlist, and it is also for talking about demon placements. Let's get talking! How to talk:

1. Click on the dropdown next to "add topic". Click edit.

2. Add your GD username and then write your comment. Example: GMDStick2413 - Devil Vortex should be number one.

3. If you want to reply to a comment, add your GD username and then a (@) next to the person you are replying to.

4. Put you rank in brackets before your name. If you are an admin, put [Admin] before your name. Do not fake ranks please.

4. Hit publish when you have finished your comment(s).


[Owner] GMDStick2413 - Hey guys! How about start with your opinion on what should be number one? Please have a valid reason. :) I think Devil Vortex should be number one, due to its fast pace gameplay, and the tight spaces. More specifically, the use of the pulse trigger on the portals and orbs makes it even more annoyingly difficult. 20:49, February 26, 2018 (UTC)

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