Team N2
Leader Reple
Number of Members (Disbanded) - (19 members at peak)
Levels 3 (3 Starred, 6 CP)
Other Info
Date of Foundation March 13, 2015
YouTube Channel [1]
Team N2 was a popular team/clan in Geometry Dash. It was established by Reple. Their team contained of mostly South Korean players, such as ZenthicAlpha and Koreaqwer. However, because their hub account was hacked and their username was changed, Reple disbanded the clan and him, ZenthicAlpha, COSINE, Luneth, Cyclic, Motu, Ryan LC, and Zelda all quit Geometry Dash.[1]


  • Reple (Boss/Leader)
  • ZenthicAlpha (Underboss/Co-Leader)
  • Zelda
  • Luneth
  • Koreaqwer
  • Cyclic
  • Powerbomb
  • RedDragoN
  • WOOGI1411
  • Dhk2725
  • KSWGeo
  • Rabb2t
  • ThorMode
  • Minus (a.k.a ixiYuri, Zeroel)
  • Miner
  • Ryan LC
  • Satum
  • Motu


Demon Levels

Extreme Demons

  • The Hell Factory (featured) - An extremely hard mega-collaboration made by 8 people, it was originally hacked by Satum (Formerly DeathMoon, Dreamer, Hermes, etc.), however, it gets several buffs and re-verified legitimately by Powerbomb.
  • A Bizarre Phantasm (featured) - Another extremely hard mega-collaboration made by 13 people, where it was verified by Cyclic. However, it was re-verified by GoodSmile after Cyclic confessed to hacking and quit.
  • Artificial Ideology (featured) - N2's third and final map. This level uses the song Event Horizon by xKore. It is slightly harder than the other two levels and was verified by Knobbelboy.


  • The first version of The Hell Factory (named 'Hell Factory') was hacked and never rated. Satum (the level's original publisher) deleted the level because of this but it was verified by Powerbomb a couple of months later.
  • A Bizarre Phantasm was verified by Cyclic, but after he admitted to hacking all his levels, GoodSmile verified it legit after ~20,000 attempts.
  • The original name of ABP was going to be Heliopolis.
  • Cyclic said it took him three days without sleep to "verify" A Bizarre Phantasm.
  • Powerbomb is currently their only Italian member.
  • Reple said that the fourth map (now known as Master Spark) will be green with a style from The Ultimate Phase. However, it has been proven false due to their disbanding.
    • According to Galath, it could be well finished by Knobbelboy if he has the time.
    • Sea did a video about levels he would like to see, and Master Spark was one of them. He suggested getting the still active Team N2 members to work on it to give it little Team N2 feel.
  • As of July 8, all of Team N2's levels are at equal spots on the Official Geometry Dash Demon List, with Artificial Ideology at #102, A Bizarre Phantasm at #103, and The Hell Factory at #104.


-Maps From Hell- The Team N2 Levels

-Maps From Hell- The Team N2 Levels

The documentary of Team N2's first two levels. Credits to Sea.

What Happened to Team N2?

What Happened to Team N2?

The documentary of Team N2 (updated). Credits to Sea.


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