The Caverns II
Level Information
Creator Pasiblitz
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 9719675
Level version 1
Last updated in 1.9
Composer Envy
Song name EnV - Uprise
Newgrounds ID 513064

The Caverns II is a 1.9 Insane Demon created by Pasiblitz. As its name suggests, it is a remake of his other Demon level The Caverns. It is known for its use of relatively uncommon game modes, tight spaces, difficult timings, and lots of memory. It is generally considered either an Insane Demon or a Very Hard Demon.


The level starts with a rather tight half-speed wave segment, displaying the text "The Caverns II". The wave later goes dual, ending in some mashing. Then there is a rather difficult mini cube section with difficult timings, memorization, and some tricky jumps.

Then there is a very tight ship part with one space flying and trickily placed portals and yellow jump orbs. This is followed by a slow ball with very hard timings. There is then a rather difficult UFO part with a few jump orbs to watch out for.

Then, there is a rather difficult dual mini cube section that later becomes a mixed dual of cube and ball. This part has a few fakes and later becomes a dual UFO segment. Then there is a swing-copter section that is a bit difficult, followed by a relatively long gravity ship sequence that takes a little while to adjust to.

Afterward, there is a moderately difficult half-speed mini cube section, followed by a dual mini ball segment with a few timings and the text "G♥G". Then there is a dual mini ship sequence with the text "pasi" resulting in the end of the level. Be aware that you have to go through the sign as not going through results in an infuriating crash at 98% from the invisible spikes.


  • The level cannot be copied.
  • The level contains 7,508 objects.
  • It is a remake of his other Demon level The Caverns.
  • This and The Caverns are both rated as Insane Demon.
  • It is one of the few Demon levels to use the gravity ship.


(Hard Demon) The Caverns II by Pasiblitz Geometry Dash

(Hard Demon) The Caverns II by Pasiblitz Geometry Dash

Credits to SrGuillester.

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