The Lightning Road
Level Information
Creator timeless real
Difficulty Easy Demon Easy Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 55520
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Dry Out
Play song None
Composer DJVI
Song ID Unknown

The Lightning Road is an Easy Demon level created by timeless real. It is one of the most downloaded levels and also said by many to be the easiest rated demon in the game.


This level boasts relatively simple sections. The level starts off with an easy cube section, with text saying, "Good Luck." The first user coin is located here as well. Please note that the coins are bronze and unverified. The first cube is not tricky at all, and it is able to be passed very easily. Next is a small ship sequence where only one long tap is needed. After that is a straightforward ball segment, followed by an equally straightforward cube sequence. Here, the hazards are clearly shown, but with the background becoming dark at times. Following that is a series of simple ball segments and ship sequences, and then a cube section and ball section which is slightly harder as it requires you to memorize which passage to enter. The level finishes of with a ship segment, and then a cube sequence. The very last portion of the cube does not actually require tapping, and whatever the player does, you should still be able to finish the level. The text at the end says, "Good job! Enjoy your 10 stars!"


  • There's an error halfway through the third cube section (if you follow the order above) where you can skip the gravity portal and fall through the gap resulting in your icon landing on the floor. However, you will later meet a wall and crash at 88%.
  • Just after the second ship there is also another glitch as you can fly above the ball portal and to the next section.
  • On the same part, there also is a glitch in which the player will get into the icon portal in anti-gravity.


  • This, along with The Nightmare and Crescendo are part of Demon Pack 3.
  • This is the first ever level to use flashing lights through the whole level.
  • This along with The Nightmare are many's first demon completed.
  • This is the 13th most downloaded level of all time, and 12th most liked.


Geometry Dash Demon lvl - The Lightning Road

Geometry Dash Demon lvl - The Lightning Road

Credits to AleXPain24.