Toxin Lab II
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Level Information
Creator Xaro
Difficulty Easy Demon Easy Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 8469744
Song Supernova
Composer Xtrullor

Toxin Lab II is an easy demon level created by Xaro. This is the sequel to the original Toxin Lab. It is currently rated as an Easy Demon, though some consider it to be a Very Easy Demon. The level is famous for its low-visibility yet easy parts making the level a lot easier than it looks.


This level starts off with a simple ship part which turns into a tricky slow cube part with many traps and fake blocks. Next sequence is a ship part, with size portals, gravity switches and 2 yellow orbs. This transitions into a very easy slow dual ball part that says "Caution". This part has a small fake; you have to go inside of the blocks to survive instead of staying out, which will kill you with invisible spikes. You can tap anywhere in the ball part to avoid this, however. Then the beat drops and you transform into a very fast slightly difficult mini wave part. This part is very easy, but there are many misleading decorations. Then it transitions to a near auto part consisting of a mini cube, mini wave and another mini cube. It then transitions into a fast ship with gravity changes and yellow orbs, and then it transitions into a very easy cube part, where you have only to touch the pink orb. After this, you will transition into an easy ship part and then another easy ball part and some form changes with a tricky UFO part with size and gravity changes which quickly transforms into a cube then into a small and gravity switched UFO. After that is an easy but tricky cube part which turns into a ball just as you jump. This transitions into an easy wave part with speed and size portals which transitions into a really easy cube part. After this, you will transition into another wave that is harder than first wave part and has got size portals. Then it's a near auto mini cube part, which is similar to the first mini cube part and only requires one jump. After that is an easy ship part which turns into a cube and back into another ship, albeit mini and requiring some timing to pass, though still easy. An easy mini UFO comes next which transitions into another cube requiring some timing and a tricky gravity switched robot. You then transition into an auto cube and finally, an ending ship with Xaro's name and some monsters.


  • This level is a sequel to the Toxin Lab level by the same creator.
  • There is a remake of this level by FunnyGame and Xaro called Deadly Impact.
  • This level got updated in 2.0 with an extension.
  • If you crash at the first obstacle at the start of the level, the text "CorgiDerp" will appear.
    • CorgiDerp is a twitch emote.



Toxin Lab II (demon) - Xaro

Toxin Lab II (demon) - Xaro

Credit to Viprin.