Topkek newly awesomely
Country Poland
Age 17
Levels 12 (9 Starred)
Other Info
Crew IG, Geometry Legends, V4
Position 128076 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]
Tygrysek (Gmd Tygrysek in-game) is a popular 17-year old Polish player and level creator in Geometry Dash.

He has participated in mega collaborations such as Phobos, The Ultimate Phase and Laventa.

He was the original publisher of Phobos, one of the hardest mega-collaborations ever in Geometry Dash, however he hacked the level to verify it. Later, it was re-verified and re-published by Krazyman50. He is currently working on his own texture pack named Chroma Texture Pack.

He has also composed many songs notably PartyStorm, which he uploaded to Newgrounds for use in Geometry Dash. However, they were removed from Newgrounds after it was reported by due to "pre-made loops".

Popular Levels

  • Area E1 - His first level ever uploaded, was rated Normal 3 stars, uses the song All I ever wanted Remix by DJS1207.
  • End of the World - His first harder 7 stars and his first featured level.
  • Rainbow Dust V2 - His first demon rated level, was updated in some time with coins and 2.0 stuff.
  • The Metal Game - A collab with VFFG (now VeriFyed), FireWave, and HydroTek.
  • If Necropolis Was L1 - an obvious If ...... was Level 1 remake of Necropolis.
  • Rainbow Fall - a rainbow-themed level, uses the song Windfall by TheFatRat.
  • For My Girlfriends - a level dedicated for his girlfriend, was rated Insane 8 stars, uses the song Chaoz Fantasy Romos Remix by Romos. The level was 1.9 but redecorated in 2.0 Update.
  • iIi Leafwood iIi - a hard level, his first full 2.0 level, uses the song Leaving Leafwood Forest by Bossfight.
  • Spectrum - was supposed to use Spectre by Alan Walker but it currently uses the song Cry by Xtrullor, another rainbow themed level, also rated Insane 8 stars.
  • Minimalism - His most popular level, a normal 3 star level.

Songs Composed

  • PartyStorm
  • FireStorm
  • My Jumpy Mood (Ft. iEloy)
  • Forgiveness
  • Through the Happyland
  • A-Ha - Take On Me (Tygrysek Remix)
  • Triple Advance
  • Vanilla Daydream
  • Lettin' Loose
  • For My Beloved Ones


  • He is the admin of the group Geometry Dash Gamers/Likers English along with Andromeda and other more people who administrates the group.
  • He was formerly an admin of the Geometry Dash Forum. He got demoted a while ago due to being rather rude.
  • He mostly plays Need For Speed, Hyperdimension Neptunia, and many more games.
  • Nearly all of his levels contain rainbows including his megacollab parts.
  • He is known as "Megumin" in Steam and YouTube now.