Ultimate Demon Mix
Level Information
Creator Zobros
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 10229235
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Ultimate Destruction
Play song None
Composer TMM43
Song ID Unknown

Ultimate Demon Mix is a 1.9 Insane Demon created by Zobros. It is a very difficult mix of demons, from Easy Demons like DeCode to extremely difficult ones like Cataclysm. It is Zobros's final 1.9 level.


The level starts with DeCode's wave part and then ship part. It is by far the easiest part of the level. Then it turns to ToE II v2's ship part, and then cube. And then it turns into Chaoz Impact's wave part and then cube part. After Chaoz Impact, it turns into Theory of Skrillex's very difficult cube part and then its wave part. And then it turns into Chaoz Airflow's extremely easy cube section, which is very short. Then, it turns into Golden Haze's moderate cube part. After Golden Haze, it turns into Cataclysm's dual ship part, and then wave part. After Cataclysm, it turns into Zobros's infamous level Nine Circles's wave part. It is very difficult due to traps and constant size and gravity changes which can distract the player. After Nine Circles, it turns into Supersonic. Afterwards, one of the hardest parts of the level will come, Windy Landscape's cube, ball and other parts. Finally, the level ends with Zobros‘s name.


  1. DeCode
  2. ToE II v2
  3. Chaoz Impact
  4. Theory of Skrillex
  5. Chaoz Airflow
  6. Golden Haze
  7. Cataclysm
  8. Nine Circles
  9. Supersonic
  10. Windy Landscape


  • KrmaL has created a song compilation for use with this level.
    • He said it helped him beat the level easier.


Geometry Dash - Ultimate Demon Mix (Demon) - by Zobros (Me)

Geometry Dash - Ultimate Demon Mix (Demon) - by Zobros (Me)

This video shows the full gameplay of Ultimate Demon Mix. Credits to Zobros.