Very Easy
Level Information
Creator Jakupii
Difficulty Harder Harder (Demon Demon before 1.9)
Stars 0Star (10 Star before 1.9)
ID 87393
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Stereo Madness
Play song None
Composer ForeverBound
Song ID Unknown

Very Easy is now an unrated harder level. It was once a medium demon level by Jakupii before 1.9. Its name is ironic, for the level is of significant difficulty. This level is currently impossible due to a ball glitch at 65% which is found in 1.9 and above.


The level starts with simple jumps and goes on. After a while, the player will go into a 1-block tight space and then they will see a text says "Die" and a face made of blocks and orbs, with the orbs representing the mouth. Then the level becomes much, much harder from there, with very difficult jumps that need crucial timing and also many traps and fakes. The level goes on like this while hopping between ball and cube until it ends.


  • This is one of the first demons ever made. However, it got downgraded in 1.9 due to a glitch in 65% that makes the level no longer being possible.
  • Many people thought this level was impossible when it was first created.
  • Someone has stated that this level is only possible through a secret way.
  • It is one of the most disliked levels, having over 10,000 dislikes.
  • This level is one of the levels that are impossible due to a bug, the others being Alphabet Y by DragonicOrca, Red World by saRy, Silentfunk by Nautilus2K and GeometryJosh, Silentfunk by Airswipe, Silent Club by Play 1107696, and Troll Out by Defectum and Swiftness by Zariku, which are still rated.

Walkthough (When it was possible)

Very Easy - Geometry Dash

Very Easy - Geometry Dash

Credit to DaddePro