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Not to be confused with the level ViPriN by Cirtrax.
Country Gjøvik, Norway
Age 18
Levels 128 (all starred)
Other Info
Crew GeoStorm
Position 2655 (Global)
1 (Creators)
YouTube Channel [1]

Viprin (styled as ViPriN, also known as Vooper) is a popular Norwegian level creator in Geometry Dash. He is very well known for his wide variety custom levels and for being the host of numerous megacollabs. He often collaborates with other creators, such as Etzer, Minesap, and Glittershroom. Currently, he is ranked #1 on the creators leaderboard, with 263 creator points, many of which are from featured megacollabs that were uploaded by him.

Levels Edit

  • Demon Levels
    • Radioactive (collaboration with Hinds)
    • Ultraviolet (mega-collaboration with 9 creators)
    • Despair
    • Viper
    • Intercept
    • Soulwind (collaboration with Nox)
    • Jawbreaker (collaboration with TriAxis)
    • Tuxedo (collaboration with Minesap)
    • Golden Haze (collaboration with Nox)
    • Eternity (collaboration with Minesap)
    • 48155 (collaboration with Codex)
    • Fallen Dynasty (collaboration with Etzer)
    • Blade Dance (collaboration with Minesap)
    • Regret
    • Arachnid Temple (collaboration with Serponge)
    • Cosmic Journey
    • Accelerando
    • Abyssal Ruins
    • Nocturne
    • Duet
    • Chaotic Wires
    • Electric Flare
    • Velodrome
    • Forte
    • Fortissimo
    • Ultimato
    • Divisi
    • ClubNeon
    • Artificial Ascent (Mega-collaboration with 17 people, verified by Combined)
    • Hypersonic (Mega-collaboration with 12 people, verified by Combined)
    • Iridescent
    • Subsonic (Mega-collaboration with 11 people, verified by Combined)
    • Digital Descent (Mega-collaboration with 18 people, verified by Combined)
    • Nine CircleX (Collab with Rustam and Zobros, verified by MaxiS9)
    • Phantoms Manor
    • Chronos (Mega-collaboration with 11 people, verified by Viprin)
    • Duality (Mega-collaboration with 14 people, verified by Viprin)
  • Hard
    • Galaxium (collaboration with ASonicMen)
    • Toaster Coaster (collaboration with Glittershroom)
    • Dynasty (collab with Liebz)
    • Around the World (collaboration with Glittershroom)
    • Glittery Shores (collaboration with Glittershroom)
    • Eternal Eclipse (collaboration with Toxic)
    • Allure (collaboration with Etzer)
    • Freedom
    • Elevatia
    • Space Pirates (collaboration with Noriega)
    • Solar Rain (collaboration with CreatorJR)
    • Hypnophobia (collaboration with Glittershroom)
    • Clouds
    • Exodus
    • Cadenza
    • Ignite
    • Stardust (collaboration with Dudex)
  • Harder
    • Beginning of Time
    • Infertehno (collaboration with ZenthicAlpha)
    • Cosmic Dreamer (collaboration with Minesap)
    • Bliss (collaboration with Minesap)
    • Unity (collaboration with Crack)
    • Octagon Force
    • Number Five
    • Skittles (collaboration with HaoN)
    • End of Time (collaboration with Xcy7)
    • Gradient
    • AfterDynamix (collaboration with xCrack)
    • Impulse (collaboration with Glittershroom)
    • Falcon Punch
    • Infiltrate
    • Valiant
    • Center of Existence
    • Invaders (collaboration with Findexi)
    • Uprise
    • Into Twilight (collaboration with ASonicMen)
    • Laserstar
    • Zaphkiel
    • ShockWave
    • Time Jumper
    • Stereo Future
    • Lento
    • Maestro
    • Neon on Track
    • Magnifico
    • Evolution
    • Leggiero
    • xNeon
    • Epilogue
    • Overture
    • Largo
    • New Era
    • Pianissimo
    • Etude
    • Naturale
    • Da Capo
    • Virtuoso
    • Notturno
    • Interlude
    • Lacrimoso
    • Ostinato
    • Master of the World (collaboration with Terron)
    • Recollections (collaboration with Aurorus)
    • Baby Why (collaboration with nasgubb and Dudex)
    • Sonder (collaboration with Lebreee)
    • Empyrean (collaboration with ChaSe, Darwin, Nicki1202, MrKoolTrix & Enlex)
    • Odyssey (collaboration with Chromatik, Joshenjol, Osiris GD, Deadlama & CX Random)
  • Insane
    • Luminoso
    • Three Step (collaboration with Findexi)
    • Encore
    • AfterForce (collaboration with Skitten)
    • Robotic Nightmares (collaboration with Glittershroom)
    • Nexus
    • Level Up (collaboration with Findexi)
    • New Energy
    • Star Jumper (collaboration with Etzer)
    • AfterProcess (collaboration with Waze)
    • Flaklypa (collaboration with DemonMKer)
    • Ricochet Love (collaboration with Glittershroom)
    • Incursio
    • Astral Zero
    • Haywire
    • Adagio
    • Magico
    • Presto
    • Devoto
    • Maestoso
    • Modesto
    • Legato
    • Dolce
    • Elegy
  • Upcoming Levels

Controversy Edit

Viprin has been heavily criticized for "hoarding and stealing Creator Points", being the uploader of almost every featured collaboration level he has participated in and uploading levels built by other people for the gauntlet. It is argued that due to the fact that Viprin arranged the majority of these megacollabs and gauntlets, he also has the right to upload them.

Trivia Edit

  • He is known for having hosted multiple Creator Contests.
  • He is currently the top creator on the Creator Leaderboard with 265 creator points.
  • Well-known collaboration levels he has participated in include Supersonic, Ultrasonic, Artificial Ascent, Hypersonic, Subsonic, and The Ultimate Phase.
  • Some time ago, he published a video about the kinds of levels he dislikes. These include free demons, impossible levels, Nine Circles Levels, If X was Level 1, and [if you know what is the trend this is talking about, feel free to replace this whole message with the name of the trend] (a popular trend from 1.5 to early 1.9).
  • He decorated Riot's version of Sonic Wave, titled Sonic Wave Infinity.
  • He participated in the Yatagarasu mega-collaboration.
  • He was a former owner of the Geometry Dash Forum, and presumably demoted due to inactivity in the past.
  • He is known to make thorough reviews for user coins in levels in terms of originality, creativity and difficulty, using a ranking system of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Viprin Certified, from lowest to highest rank.
    • On the first level of the Fire Gauntlet, Outer Space, at one point it says "Viprin is triggered", in spite of his trend of rating coins in levels.
  • His most disliked level is Ultimato, a Hard Demon with over 2,400 dislikes.
  • He is known for apparently copying and pasting design and decoration in his levels, this becoming a meme within the community.
    • Due to this, he has also been jokingly nicknamed "Viprin + Paste", which can be seen from the Community Shop credits.
  • Many of his older levels are named after musical terms, such as "Maestoso, Legato, Luminoso, Da Capo", etc.
  • His level, Duality, was supposedly his first mega-collaboration that is not a Demon. The level's difficulty was Insane, but that changed when the level was rated Demon.