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Vortex of Time
Vortex of Time
Level Information
Creator Gigas, Ast3Rian, WOOGI1411, Reple, Sikatsuka, White, Reflux, Freedom Dive, Lomantist, Sysl, BEkID, Skeleton, Lucield, Brony, Kirei Mirai, Toprob, Crispy Dash, LightBulB, AbsoulX 2896, LoveWhisper, BETA, Kige, Biotoxic, Utor, Donate 500, ZenoVerse, PCSR, Tutti, Tetic, Orca SN, RealHaHaHa, OverNeon, Softable, NoTV, Hyphen, 1234, Minus, Digitol Drug, AT HG, Night Walker, KeiAs, SayFX, Swirl, Experience D, Dorami, SMBlackTime, Dominator, Arco, Enjoy Game, COSINE, Hinabita, MemoR2eD, ksh316, Lyona, Neptunium, Minemario, KrampuX, PluTo, Iridium, UG Starter, Insstep, IisamiI, Electric Bean, Skyblue15, Becrux, CubicalLife, PlusXenon, Nate, 100 Percent, Jjin, Dysutopia, FworkLazi7, Moon Fox, kih 731, GGtime, Star7634, SwJo, ColorAce, aploom24, DENE8, POTaTOS, SpicA, Gvyjjjh, Pixel0052, orbital, Jaeperfect, A Hisa, Legendcube, Ultimum, HyperDrive90, CrazyTrasH, Dreaming, Mulpan, ThorMode, Easytoong, Scuti, Lyrical, Siri, Dssdsds, and Koreaqwer (Design by Minus and Kieas (Verified and published by Plusxexon)
Difficulty Hard Hard (Extreme Demon Extreme Demon if rated)
Stars 0Star (10Star if rated)
ID 41739176
Last updated in 2.1
Level version 1
Song name TheFatRat - Time Lapse
Play song None
Composer ThisIsTheFatRat
Song ID 621139

Vortex of Time is an unrated 1.9/2.1 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration, notable for the fact that the gameplay was created by 98 people over 1.9 and 2.0. Koreaqwer was originally set to verify, but he gave up after a fail at 91%. So instead, Minus and Kieas redesigned it to a 2.0-style level and gave it to Plusxexon, a semi-unknown Korean player, who stated the level is around Carnage Mode difficulty. On February 4, 2018, he finally verified it, thus ending the level's journey.



User Coins

  • The first coin is located at 6%. To obtain it, you first need to raise the key, which was 4%, which can be obtained by clicking on the topmost blue sphere and then jumping onto the lower yellow sphere. After that, the coin will appear inside one of the spiny circles.
  • The second coin is hidden at 66% inside the upper spiked column. But in order for her to appear there, you need to collect the key, which is 57% inside one of the walls.
  • The third and final coin is located at 91%. It appears at the very end of the wave segment while being located behind the spike, which must be carefully circumvented. Nevertheless, for its appearance, it is necessary to collect a key located inside the protrusion of the surface by 70% and four hearts located in difficult places for maneuvering at 87%, 90%, and 91%.


  • The password for the level is 150510.
  • The level uses 66,452 objects.
  • A sequel called Vortex of Time 2 is currently in the works.
  • If you open the level in the editor and scroll it to the end without launching the character, then instead of the level logo you can see the inscription "RIP".
  • If you open the level in the editor, at the very beginning you can see the following text: Level made in 1.9 ~ 2.0, hosted by Dssdsds, Level Redesigned by Plus Light (Minus) in 2.0, Level Redesigned by KeiAs in 2.1, Level Verified by plusxenon.


(On stream) 100 IN 1 l Vortex of Time by Dssdsds, Keias & 98 People Extreme Demon

(On stream) 100 IN 1 l Vortex of Time by Dssdsds, Keias & 98 People Extreme Demon

The verification of Vortex of Time. Credits to Plusxexon.

Vortex of Time (Old Version) Noclip

Vortex of Time (Old Version) Noclip

The old version of Vortex of Time. Credits to Luqualizer.

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