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Level Information
Creator Desumari (publisher), Chinex, Unes, Victorino, and Creerghost
Difficulty Easy Demon Easy Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 55002852
Last updated in 2.1
Level version 4
Song name Rift Race
Play song None
Composer KaixoMusic
Song ID 801752

Welder is a 2.1 Easy Demon collaboration created by Desumari, Chinex, Unes, Victorino, and Creerghost, with Creerghost making the entire layout. It is praised for having great design, colors, and gameplay.


  • 0-10% (Desumari): The level starts with the buildup of the song, and a basic cube section that speeds to 2x to 3x speed. It uses spinning orbs too. After that part comes to a transition showing a fading skull.
  • 11-__% (Chinex): The next part is when you are some buggy jump orb clicking/tapping and fakes.
  • The next part is obviously the drop, using the robot and using some FAST gameplay with also ball spam, a constant ship moving and fast wave segments.


  • This level was a Weekly Demon.



-2.11- Welder (demon) - Desumari, Chin3x, uneskladovae, VictorinoxX, Crouley & creerghost

The full walkthrough of Welder. Credits to Viprin.

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