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Level Information
Creator Jakerz, set to be verified by BoldStep
Difficulty TBA (Extreme Demon)
Stars TBA (10*)
Level ID TBA
Song Run Boy Run (Instrumental)
Composer Woodkid

Woodkid is an upcoming 2.1 Extreme Demon created by Jakerz and set to be verified by BoldStep, after EndLevel dropped the project from his return. It utilizes a black and white theme and contains difficult game-play as well as artwork in the background of the level, depicting two demons, a tiger, a spinning object, and a horse. According to Jakerz, in his newest decorated version, it has over +800k objects total, rendering it unplayable on many devices.

As of September 4th, 2018, the level is undergoing minor improvements before its verification process.


  • Jakerz has stated that this will be his final level.
  • Woodkid gained popularity after DollarC and Jakerz showcased the level.
  • EndLevel had stated that his main priority is verifying Woodkid, but gave the project to BoldStep so he could work on verifying Renevant.
  • Many people compare Woodkid to God Eater due to their themes involving deities, eccentric decoration, and rapid gameplay.
    • Jakerz has publicly stated that arguments surrounding this are "stupid" and that there is "nothing to argue".
  • The song is an unmodified instrumental version of "Run Boy Run" by French singer Yoann Lemoine, performing under the name "Woodkid", the origin of the level's name.
    • The city art from the beginning of the level is inspired by the city from the song's music video.
    • Due to the track "Run Boy Run" being copyrighted on Newgrounds, Woodkid will have to have its song replaced in order for the level to be featured.
  • BoldStep released a redecorated preview of Woodkid on March 6th, 2018.[1]
  • The intro in the original preview for the finished decorated version is based on the first trailer to "Avengers: Infinity War".
    • The Paramount Pictures opening is featured, despite Marvel Cinematic Universe films having been distributed by Walt Disney Studios since "The Avengers".
    • The apparent "W" logo for the level is Wonder Woman's insignia as depicted in the character's 2017 film.
    • As of October 1st, the video has apparently been taken down due to a "copyright claim by a third party." This is presumably due to either the usage of "Run Boy Run" or the aforementioned unauthorized usage of content relating to high-profile films.
    • The video was reuploaded without the intro on October 4th.
  • There has been controversy surrounding the fact that Woodkid's art is identical to (as it was mostly traced from) that of other artists, while there is a complete lack of credit on Jakerz's part.



REUPLOAD ! GD 2.1 "WoodKid" Extreme demon (censored noclip version)

Video by Jakerz. The original was taken down for the reason(s) outlined above.



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