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Level Information
Creator TriAxis
Difficulty Auto Auto
Stars 1Star
ID 13756871
Last updated in Unknown
Level version 1
Song name Secrets Of Wysteria
Play song None
Composer Steampianist
Song ID 591208

Wysteria is a 2.0 Auto 1* level created by TriAxis. The second in his film series, the level is a horror-themed short film with an extensive use of special effects via triggers introduced in Update 2.0. It is based on the true killings of serial killer "Albert Fish".


The level starts off with a simple horror styled introduction involving clocks and a music box ticking in tune to the music, TriAxis revealed in the comments of his YouTube video that the symbolism to it refers to time, and more specifically the loss of time.

The following sector shows the lyrics in words whilst accompanied by many individual artistic designs such as a swing set, a picture of the character "Gracie", whom is based off the real girl "Grace Budd" who was murdered by Albert Fish, a 20th century serial killer who killed, raped, and ate his victims at an abandoned house. This continues to a forest setting which is presumably of the "Willows of Wysteria" as it is mentioned in the song. The forest symbolized being stuck. Following that is a continuation of the previous lyrics and art theme.

Then as the song calms a piano is portrayed, and keys are pressed in tune to the music; however the keys are not exactly like the song. After this relatively soft/creepy beginning, the final scene contains a much more manic tone, and the background becomes a pulsating blood red color.


  • It is based on the true killings of serial killer "Albert Fish".


-Geometry dash- - 'Secrets Of Wysteria' by Dogepolar

-Geometry dash- - 'Secrets Of Wysteria' by Dogepolar

Credits to Mulpan.

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