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Level Information
Creator RicoLP (former host), Rustam, Onnikonna, YakobNugget, Bianox (host), DreamEater, Dudex, Osiris, Shocksidian, Juhou, TheTactiq, Samifying, TMNGaming, Failure444, Uneskladovae, Marwec, Pennutoh, SlimJim, LeocreatorX, and Enlex (Hack-Verified and published by Xander556)
Difficulty Extreme Demon Extreme Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 52374843
Level version 5
Last updated in 2.1
Composer Creo
Song name

Newgrounds ID 739991
Extreme Demon Megacollab made by 20 amazing creators! Hosted by Bianox. Verified by me in 61375 attempts.


Zodiac is a 2.1 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration hosted by Bianox which was hack-verified and published by Xander556 on January 28, 2019.[1] On June 11, 2019, Xander admitted to hacking this level along with numerous other achievements. The ownership and the rights to decide the fate of this level has consequently been passed to Technical, who beat the level legitimately on April 9, 2019, therefore becoming the first legitimate victor of Zodiac.

Zodiac was on the Legacy List for a short period of time due to the level being updated to several other joke levels, (due to the hacking situation) although a day later, the change was reverted and Zodiac returned to its #1 spot on the demonlist.

Zodiac currently sits at #3 on the Official Geometry Dash Demon List, above Kenos (#4) and below The Golden (#2).


On July 16, 2017, RicoLP released a video showcasing his part in a new upcoming Extreme Demon mega-collaboration named Zodiac. In the video description, he stated that it will be 3 minutes and 15 seconds long, and was set to be the hardest demon. He also revealed the full list of participants, with some well-known creators such as LazerBlitz, Rustam, and Manix648.[2]

Two days later, Rustam uploaded a video that showcased his finished part in the level.[3] The next day on July 19, DollarC released a video showcasing the first seven parts of Zodiac.[4]

After a couple of creators revealed their parts, RicoLP announced the Zodiac Creator Contest to fill in the 10th spot of the level on September 26, 2018.[5]

After this, however, activity surrounding the level subsided. Not much new information was heard about the level. The host, RicoLP, then quit Geometry Dash, causing many players to think that the level was dead.

The rumors were disproved when Enlex uploaded his part in the mega-collaboration onto YouTube on January 30, 2018, with it being the last part in the level, replacing Splash. In the comments section, Enlex revealed that the level was nearly done, Juhou had won the Creator Contest, Bianox07 was the new host, and that Wooshi was set to verify it.[6]

On February 12, 2018, TehReduxGuy upload the full, finished level onto YouTube, showcasing the new parts and team.[7] This signified that the level was, in fact, alive and would be released sometime.

Later, since Wooshi999 was too busy with other projects, the level was handed to EndLevel to verify. However, Bianox07 and EndLevel both agreed to give the level to Benji8080, a fairly unknown player.[8]

Benji8080 dropped all of his other projects and focused on Zodiac and Hyper Paracosm (now Crimson Planet). On April 11, he got 31% after 5,585 attempts. He later got 38% on April 22 after 16,037 attempts.[9] On June 2, he got 61-100% after 26,881 attempts and also reached 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.[10] However, about two months later on August 20, he dropped Zodiac and gave the level and a shout-out to Slac. In the video description, Benji explained that he decided to give Zodiac up because of school and demotivation.[11]

On November 4, DiamondSplash got a record of 42% on Zodiac. In the video description, he explained that he was now verifying the level, which he stated he was enjoying so far and claimed to have achieved a start position run of 49-90% off camera.[12]

However, DiamondSplash dropped the verification and it was passed into the hands of Australian player Xander556.

On January 29, 2019, Xander556 hack-verified Zodiac after 61,375 attempts.[1] He kept the hacking of the level a secret until June 11, 2019, when he confessed. Verification was then awarded to Technical, the first victor of the level.


  • 0-3% (RicoLP): The level (and the part) starts with a half-speed cube section that requires some tricky timings.
  • 4-7% (Rustam): After a short auto section, Rustam's part occurs. It starts as a normal-sized and normal-speed cube section before a mini-cube section. After a timing-based mini-ball and robot section, the part ends as a wave after a brief auto cube section.
  • 8-10% (Onnikonna + Aquatias): As the speed slows back down to half-speed, Onnikonna's part starts with a very difficult mini-robot segment with lots of timing and skill required. After briefly turning into normal-size, the player then becomes a cube, followed by another tight robot segment. The part ends as a tight cube section.
  • 11-14% (YakobNugget): YakobNugget's part is next, starting as a normal-sized ball part that requires some crucial timing and becoming mini-sized in the middle. A normal-speed straight-fly-based ship sequence with some jump orbs and portals follows, and the section ends as a cube section with two triple-spike jumps.
  • 15-20% (Bianox): At the drop, Bianox's part begins with a triple-speed mini-cube section, followed by a very short straight fly part and a very tight UFO segment. After a timing-based robot part, the briefly turns into a normal-speed cube for a triple-spike jump before some quadruple-speed straight fly. The part ends with a very tight normal-speed mini-wave segment.
  • 21-26% (DreamEater): After a short break, DreamEater's part starts with a quadruple-speed spider-cube dual segment. After the cube turns into a UFO, some triple-speed straight fly occurs, followed by a brief half-speed cube. The speed immediately picks back up to quadruple-speed in a timing-based cube section, and the part ends with a half-speed cube section that is mostly auto but requires one red jump orb.
  • 27-32% (Dudex): Dudex's part begins with a very fast-paced quadruple-speed cube section with some tricky timings required. After briefly slowing down to normal speed a triple-speed straight fly part is next, and the part ends with some more fast-paced timing cube gameplay.
  • 33-38% (Osiris): Osiris's part stays a cube for a brief while before a one-jump tight UFO. Another timing cube follows, with a tight spider part coming right after. After another timing-based robot and ball is a very tight mini-spider section, and the part ends with a swing copter part with the spider.
  • 39-43% (Shocksidian): Shocksidian's part starts as a confusing double-speed dual cube section. After a brief straight fly, a dual-ship sequence appears, before quickly turning single again. The player then enters a triple-speed cube section for a short while for one very difficult jump, followed by a timing-based double-speed ball segment that then becomes a dual. The part ends with some dual-ship straight flying.
  • 44-48% (Juhou): At the beginning of Juhou's part, the player is a cube and must jump right before entering the ball portal to survive. A ship part comes right after, with a very tight wave coming after that. After a very tricky dual-mini-wave part, the player becomes a singular cube for a brief moment. A tight spider part follows, and the player becomes dual for a brief while, and the part ends with some double-speed straight flying.
  • 49-51% (TheTactiQ + TehReduxGuy): As the song slows down, so does the gameplay. TehReduxGuy/TheTactiQ's part is entirely in half-speed and begins with a timing-based mini-robot section and then a tricky ship sequence with lots of skill, tight spaces, and straight flying involved.
  • 52-55% (Samifying): Samifying's part stays half-speed with a short timing-based cube segment that quickly becomes a tight ship sequence. A UFO, cube, spider, and ball part follow, with all of them requiring one jump. A very tight and skill-based ship part is next, with a short but tight wave segment after it. The part then ends with a normal-speed timing-based cube section.
  • 56-60% (TMNGaming): The music and gameplay speed back up in TMNGaming's part, starting as a double-speed timing cube section, with a spamming-based wave segment next. Some very tight mini-ship straight fly follows. A short auto cube section leads to a timing mini-ball, followed by a tight wave and UFO. The part ends with some more straight fly.
  • 61-66% (Failure444): Failure444's part begins as a triple-speed cube before a UFO part, followed by a tight ball section. Another timing cube section is next, with some straight fly coming right after. After a short memorization cube and very tight wave segment, the speed slows down to double-speed and later normal-speed in a timing-based cube section. The part then ends.
  • 67-69% (Uneskladovae): Uneskladovae's part begins with a half-speed cube section that revolves around timing, with a tight skill-based ship part right after. After a timing ball segment, the part ends with a normal-speed cube section with a couple of orb timings.
  • 70-74% (Marwec): Marwec's part begins as a very tricky normal-speed timing mini-cube section, and a ball segment with similar gameplay comes right after. Some straight fly follows, starting as double-speed but ending as triple-speed. The part ends with a fast-paced triple-speed cube section.
  • 75-80% (Pennutoh): Pennutoh's part starts as a fast-paced triple speed wave part, with a timing-based cube right after. The gameplay varies between the two for some time before the part ends with a half-speed cube.
  • 81-87% (SlimJim): SlimJim's part starts as a brief triple-speed mini-cube and UFO segment. Next, the player enters a very fast-paced spamming-based wave segment and a fast spider segment, with a timing-based mini-ball segment coming right after. After a one-jump mini-robot, a mini-ship straight fly sequence follows with several teleportation portals bringing the player up and down the screen. After a quick timing cube section, the part ends with some straight fly.
  • 88-92% (LeocreatorX): LeocreatorX's part begins with a double-speed timing-based cube section. After a short quadruple-speed cube section with multiple dash orbs to hit, the part ends with a short triple-speed mini-ball section, once again utilizing timing.
  • 93-100% (Enlex): Enlex's part begins as a triple-speed straight fly section, and then a quick UFO segment appears. After a timing-based cube part, another UFO section with many gravity portals occurs, followed by a very tight wave segment that switches in gravity and size many times very quickly. The player is then presented with a double-speed mini-cube maze before the level ends with one half-speed green orb timing.


Player Percentage Date Completed Total Attempts Link
Technical (Unofficial Verifier) 100% April 9, 2019 25,161 YouTube
Dolphy (FPS Bypass) 100% April 13, 2019 30,488 YouTube
Ozzy612 100% August 9, 2019 39,314 YouTube
Mycrafted 100% August 12, 2019 39,809 YouTube
nSwish 100% August 12, 2019 ~18,000 YouTube
rori 100% August 15, 2019 15,714 YouTube
Crazen 100% October 5, 2019 ~20,000 YouTube
Xelinox 100% November 9, 2019 46,212 YouTube
Eandis (FPS Bypass) 100% January 2, 2020 Unknown YouTube
Joshua28 100% January 26, 2020 12,194 YouTube
Grey749 100% February 7, 2020 118,338 YouTube
Rainstorm 100% February 19, 2020 20,137 YouTube
dils thik (FPS Bypass) 100% March 25, 2020 ~25,406 Youtube
CuTTeR 100% April 30, 2020 ~19,000 YouTube
Zeronium 100% May 2, 2020 32,136 YouTube
Xylitol 100% May 21, 2020 18,960 YouTube
Sid125 (FPS Bypass) 100% May 26, 2020 Unknown YouTube
GDWolvezz (FPS Bypass) 100% July 11, 2020 ~22,000 YouTube
SpirteX 100% July 13, 2020 32,480 YouTube
Powerbomb 92% September 10, 2020 Unknown Youtube
Real 84% April 12, 2020 Unknown YouTube
Sunix (FPS Bypass) 80% October 14, 2019 ~6,000 YouTube
Atomic 79% May 17, 2020 Unknown YouTube
Greyox 74% April 15, 2020 Unknown YouTube
TheUltraBlock 74% May 3, 2020 Unknown YouTube
Liternix 71% April 5, 2020 Unknown Youtube
Kurumi 65% February 10, 2020 Unknown Youtube
Chief Keef 59% Unknown Unknown
DemonDasher 59% June 25, 2020 Unknown YouTube
hellbell1 59% July 29, 2020 Unknown YouTube
Magiiii 59% August 5, 2020 Unknown YouTube
crohn44 58% October 9, 2019 Unknown YouTube
Brumicek 58% April 30, 2020 ~19,000 YouTube
Pushenka 57% May 5, 2020 Unknown YouTube
Gabs 56% April 2, 2019 ~36,000 YouTube
Psychotix 56% March 15, 2020 ~20,000 Youtube


  • The password for the level is 5875.
  • At 55%, the end of Samifying's part, the creator's message "GL! SAMY OUT" can be found.
  • Aquatias, LazerBlitz, Manix648, Panman, Loogiah, Sysonic, Nemphis, Edicts, Vlacc, Eiken, and Splash all used to be a part of the mega-collaboration but later quit. Aquatias’ layout, however, is retained and decorated by Omnikonna.
  • The level is said to be harder than Yatagarasu, Erebus, and Bloodlust, and was the #1 demon on Pointercrate, being the hardest rated level ever published at its time.
    • Some people have called the level near-impossible due to its length and timings.
    • nSwish considers this level to be 3 times harder than Crimson Planet, the current #5 on the demonlist, and wouldn't even be surprised if he finds someone who says that this is harder than Tartarus.
    • Grey749 said that it might be harder than Tartarus.
      • The other Zodiac victors tend to agree that Zodiac is far harder than Crimson Planet and Bloodlust, and that the level is on a completely different scale than those two.
  • The level has had many verifiers throughout its history, including Benji8080, DiamondSplash, and Slac.
  • This level was put at #16 on the list on April Fools 2019 (even below Bloodlust, Plasma Pulse Finale, and Sigma), calling the verifier “Australian Superstar” (this name became a meme after Xander556 verified the level).
  • Xander556 confessed to hacking the level's verification on June 11th, 2019.
    • Then he updated it to Satcherzbop by Satch Squad.
    • It was then updated once more to an impossible joke layout before it was finally reverted back to the original level by RobTop.
      • This chain of events caused Crimson Planet by TrueOmega to be #1 for about a day.
  • The lowest attempt count for any of the victors of this level belongs to American player Joshua28, with 12,194 attempts.
  • Dolphy, Ozzy612, Mycrafted, nSwish, and Rori all beat the level in the span of one week, August 9th - August 16th, thus creating the term Zodiac Week.
  • Zodiac was placed at the #1 spot on the Official Geometry Dash Demonlist on March 9, 2019, above Bloodlust (#2).
    • It was the #1 demon for 338 days, after being taken by Tartarus on February 10, 2020.
    • This was the last of 2 former Top 1 Demons to use a Creo song. The first was Digital Descent.
  • If you die at the last green orb timing at 99%, then the text "NOICE SAYS HI" will appear.
    • This is a reference to the player GMDNoice, otherwise known as the president of Geometry Dash Twitter.
    • Rainstorm is currently the only person who has crashed at 99% from 0%. He later beat the level.
  • According to Wombat, the level used to be called Exosphere before she then convinced RicoLP to change the name to Zodiac.


Zodiac (Extreme Demon) by Bianox & More

Zodiac (Extreme Demon) by Bianox & More

The hacked verification of Zodiac. Credits to Xander556.


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